Eurogroup for Animals welcomes two new member organisations

Eurogroup for Animals welcomes two new member organisations

27 May 2022
We are very pleased to welcome two new member organisations: Intimate With Nature Society (IWNS) Bulgaria and Shrimp Welfare Project based in the UK and Spain.

Learn more about our new members:

Intimate with Nature Society (IWNS)

Intimate With Nature Society (IWNS) was founded in 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria as an animal advocacy organisation while running campaigns to raise awareness about stray cats and dogs and animals used in entertainment and providing aid for stray animals in need. In the last couple of years IWNS has had two main objectives: control and reduction of stray companion animals’ population, and closure of illegally operating zoos.

Shrimp Welfare Project

Founded in 2021, the Shrimp Welfare Project aims to improve the lives of billions of farmed shrimps in India and Southeast Asia. 350 billion shrimps are farmed each year. This is more than 5x the total number of all farmed land animals put together. Shrimps are highly neglected and many of them suffer from conditions which can and should be addressed, such as: risk of disease, bad water quality, and eyestalk ablation. The Shrimp Welfare Project is the first organisation focusing exclusively on the welfare of these animals.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with our new members. Want to learn more about joining Eurogroup for Animals? Click here for information on becoming a member organisation