Eurogroup for Animals hails outcomes of second meeting of EU Platform on Animal Welfare


Eurogroup for Animals hails outcomes of second meeting of EU Platform on Animal Welfare

10 November 2017
Eurogroup for Animals hails outcomes of second meeting of EU Platform on Animal Welfare.

The second meeting of the EU Platform on Animal Welfare took place today (Friday 10 November 2017), focusing on the establishment of a European Commission-led sub group on live animal transport (which was announced several weeks ago by the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety), and also looking at the issue of ‘unwanted horses‘.

Eurogroup for Animals believes the EU Platform should be used to tackle many of the animal welfare issues that can be solved through better coordination, enforcement of existing legislation and through the dissemination of knowledge. However, with it due to finish at the end of 2019, we have been clear that it needs concrete successes in several areas before its term expires as there is a clear need to renew the Platform’s mandate in 2020.

We are therefore delighted that apart from Commission led sub groups, participants have been encouraged to work in a collaborative manner on key animal welfare issues within the mandate of the Platform.  Concretely three sub-groups have been agreed today, each of which can make a real difference to the lives of animals:

  1. The welfare of pigs

The Commission has committed to establish a new sub group in 2018 on the welfare of pigs. This is a priority topic for the Commission and Eurogroup for Animals. Not only will such a sub group help to ensure that the Pigs Directive is finally implemented, but it could also look at wider topics such as mutilations.

Eurogroup for Animals’ current flagship campaign highlights the need to work on this issue – More information available here

  1. The illegal trade of pets

Thanks to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden, a new informal sub group will explore ways to stop the illegal trade in companion animals, notably with dogs, but also we hope with cats. Their paper (sent to the Commission in advance) builds on recommendations from a European Parliament Resolution last year, led by Dr Renate Sommer MEP, and our efforts through the Protect Our Pets campaign.

Joint paper available here

EP resolution here

Eurogroup for Animals press release

  1. The responsible ownership and care of equines

Once more, thanks to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden, another informal sub group will look how to promote good equine welfare in the EU, and to unleash the potential of Europe’s equine sector. This paper directly takes up recommendations from Removing the Blinkersa report from World Horse Welfare and the other member organisations of Eurogroup for Animals in 2015, many of which were also contained in a subsequent Resolution of the European Parliament from Julie Girling MEP.

Discussion paper, initiated by Denmark available here

Eurogroup for Animals, and six of its 58 Member Organisations who also sit on the Platform now look forward to working with Member States, the Commission, and other stakeholders from within the Platform to take forward actions on pressing animal welfare issues.