Eurogroup for Animals and Portuguese animal advocacy organisations join forces for animals in Portugal


Eurogroup for Animals and Portuguese animal advocacy organisations join forces for animals in Portugal

17 December 2018
A group of enthusiastic animal advocates at the first meeting of Joining Forces for Animals in Portugal project.

They are SOS Animal, Sociedade Portuguesa para a Educação Humanitária, ONDAID, Vida Animal, Animais de rua, Associaçao Miacis and Associação Projecto Animais de Barcelos. Joining Forces for Animals in Portugal is a two-year project kindly supported by Eurogroup for Animals’ donor B2C2.

Eurogroup for Animals organized a successful meeting with key Portuguese animal advocacy organisations on Saturday, 8 December 2018 in Lisbon. Part of Joining Forces for Animals in Portugal project, the aim is to empower interested animal advocates to work together and engage in the forthcoming EU election campaign ‘Vote for Animals’. Working jointly with other animal advocates across Europe, Portuguese organisations will strive to ensure further advancement of animal protection in Portugal during the new EU political term.

A challenging national economic and political situation have often made it difficult for Portuguese organisations to play an active role in animal advocacy at the EU level. Only few Portuguese animal advocates became more active in public, corporate and political campaigning in the last few years as most continue to focus on the most pressing local and national issues animal welfare issues. The Portuguese Parliament has recently supported new laws to criminalise the mistreatment of animals, diminish the discrimination of vegetarians and vegans, and improve the social acceptance and perception of companion animals. All agreed though that as for many other EU countries, enforcement of legislation is a major challenge and that many animal protection issues currently remain unaddressed.

Eight Portuguese animal advocacy organisations gathered on a sunny December Saturday afternoon in Lisbon to explore ways of extending their influence beyond national borders while building on their local or national strengths. All participants thought the european parliamentary elections offer a real opportunity to connect the challenges faced by animals in their own, Portuguese reality, with the new leaders of tomorrow in the EU parliament.

This is why all present committed to actively support Eurogroup for Animals’ 2019 election campaign ‘Vote for Animals‘. The campaign’s main objective will be to put animal welfare at the heart of the upcoming EU Elections next May. With the support of Eurogroup for Animals’ network, Portuguese organisations will strive to embed a clear and simple commitment to animal welfare in the Portuguese national parties’ manifestos. They will also work to ensure as many Portuguese MEP candidates as possible underwrite the European Pledge for Animals Welfare, consolidating the more specific policy objectives we jointly strive to achieve in the next legislative term.

With our new Portuguese partners, we will make sure that the much needed debate about animal welfare challenges and opportunities in Portugal and Europe actually takes place.

We trust our collaboration on the 2019 election campaign will allow us to develop long-lasting relationships with Portuguese animal advocacy organisations. Through the Joining Forces for Animals in Portugal project, generously supported by our donor B2C2, interested organisations will get the opportunity to overcome logistical and financial challenges and join Eurogroup for Animals’ network as member organisations.

Biljana Lalic, Membership and Development Officer
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