ESSERE ANIMALI: Evidence of cruelty to Italian laying hens


ESSERE ANIMALI: Evidence of cruelty to Italian laying hens

8 October 2019
Essere Animali
A new undercover investigation by Essere Animali in an intensive farm with 56,000 hens has revealed animals being handled and treated cruelly. 

The investigation reveals sick birds being beaten to death, as well as possible violations to EU rules on stocking density.

The footage comes from a farm supplying ‘Naturella’, a well-known brand owned by Eurovo, Italian brand leader in the EU egg sector.

“By law, emergency killing should be performed by trained people. However, on this farm sick animals were being inappropriately handled, beaten and left on the ground in agony,” said Simone Montuschi, spokesperson for Essere Animali. 

The footage shows a sick animal being beaten to death and left on the ground with the corpses of other animals while still alive. Hens are also shown being moved from one cage to another in total disregard of the EU guidance that aims to prevent fractures.  As well as being painful, these can also lead to death in these animals.

Essere Animali reported the farm to the Italian Authority, the Carabinieri Forestali di Verghereto, Forli- Cesena, for alleged violations of Legislative Decree 26 March 2001 no. 146 on the protection of farm animals and of the Legislative Directive 29 July 2003 no. 267 on the protection of laying hens.

In Italy about 38,9 million laying hens produce 12 million eggs every year. Almost half of these hens are kept in cages.

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