ESSERE ANIMALI: Big win for minks in Italy


ESSERE ANIMALI: Big win for minks in Italy

6 December 2019
Essere Animali
Following the campaign to obtain a national fur farming ban, Essere Animali recently announced another small but significant win for minks in Italy.

Their latest report revealing the presence of asbestos has led to the closure of a fur farm in the province of Vicenza.  From now on, 30,000 fewer minks will be bred and killed for fur in Italy every year.

Thanks to this, the number of mink fur farms is in firm decline; out of a total of 20, five have been gradually put out of business during the last few years. Although permission to resume fur farming activities could be renewed, significant investments would have to be made to remove the poisonous asbestos found in the latest farm and replace it with another material. Essere Animali is confident that this will not happen, since the overall trends in social attitudes, fashion and regulations are turning against fur farming.

In the past few years Essere Animali has released a number of undercover investigations exposing inhumane conditions on mink fur farms. Animals were reported to be locked up in small metal cages, suffering from injuries while performing astereotypical behavior and, in some cases, even cannibalism. Science has shown that minks are semi-aquatic, wild animals whose well being can’t be assured in captivity. 

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