End Pig Pain photography exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg


End Pig Pain photography exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

24 August 2017
Eurogroup for Animals
In most EU member states, pigs are still raised in barren, overcrowded conditions, without any possibility to carry out natural behaviours, and additionally they routinely undergo painful mutilations without anaesthesia and pain relief. This needs to change.

The “Ending Pig Pain: working towards a more humane pig industry in the EU” multimedia exhibition aims to show viewers the various aspects of pig farming in the EU from an animal welfare perspective, and raise attention about their unnecessary suffering. The exhibition will inaugurate on 12 September at 4p.m. at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (Emilio Colombo Space, South Gallery, 1st floor, Louise Weiss building).  

Through this multimedia exhibition, which consists of photographs of pig farms across Europe, together with a Samsung Virtual Reality (VR) experience we will allow viewers to reflect on the plight of 250 million pigs reared annually in the EU, and immerse themselves in the reality of an industrial pig farm in Italy.

The exhibition also showcases our 2017 flagship campaign End Pig Pain, which calls on national agricultural ministers to stop the routine pain caused to pigs reared for meat in the EU, ensure the enforcement of the EU Pigs Directive, and ultimately support an EU ban on surgical castration by 2024. The campaign aims to collect 1 million signatures from European citizens to hand over to decision makers next year (you can sign the petition here).

12 September – Inauguration day programme:

  • 16:00-16:15 Opening remarks, Jeppe Kofod MEP, S&D Group
  • 16:15-16:20 End Pig Pain: the new flagship campaign by Eurogroup for Animals, Elena Nalon, Farm Animal Programme Leader, Eurogroup for Animals
  • 16:20-16:30 “Una storia diversa”, the reality of intensive pig farming in Italy, Roberto Bennati, LAV vice-president
  • 16:30-16:45 Press event, interviews, photo shoots

The event is organised in collaboration with Jeppe Kofod/S&D Group, the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals and LAV Italy (Lega Italiana Anti Vivisezione).

Please note that participants who are not in possession of EP accreditation are required to register by sending an email to e.nalon@eurogroupforanimals.org by 1 September at the latest indicating their Family Name, First Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, ID Type and ID Number. It will not be possible to register participants whose data are incomplete or beyond the deadline of September 1.