Emergency Front Desk service


Emergency Front Desk service

23 March 2020
Due to unprecedented challenges COVID-19 pandemics LAV activated a front desk for citizens' earlier this month. 

This service will provide help and answers for all pet owners, volunteers, and animal friends in Italy. In particular, the front desk will:

  • provide information regarding restrictive measures in regards to management and care of animals (whether they are private individuals or on the territory);
  • offer logistical coordination help for crisis situations;
  • collect reports from local LAV offices and ensure their support and coordination
  • take action against the institutions, on the basis of specific indications, to ensure that the situation has no impact on feline colonies and stray populations.

LAV provides more information about the link between pandemics and current intensive animal farming practices and provides suggestions for the long-term solutions

The post 'Emergency Front Desk service' is modified from an article published by Lega Anti Vivisezione in their original language.