Dutch people enthusiastic about wolves returning to the Netherlands


Dutch people enthusiastic about wolves returning to the Netherlands

29 June 2020
A survey commissioned by the Dutch government showed that despite recent incidents of wolves attacking farm animals, a majority of Dutch people have no problem coexisting with the animals.
57 % of Dutch citizens found it acceptable that wolves settle in the Netherlands, up from 45 percent in 2012, Minister Carola Schouten said in a letter to Parliament this week.

Most Dutch people will therefore not avoid nature reserves with wolves, and an encounter with a wild wolf would be considered a special experience for most Dutch people (77%), and almost half of the Dutch would like to encounter a wolf in the wild.

Minister Carola Schouten

Opponents to the wolves totalled 18 percent, and cited danger, nuisance, and a lack of space as reasons for not wanting them in the country. Farmers also said they want to receive some form of compensation, and Schouten noted that the Dutch people are generally in favor of assisting farmers with preventative measures and helping out with damages caused by wolves.

The animals began reappearing in the Netherlands five years ago after an absence of nearly 150 years. Aside from the young wolf attacking sheep in Noord-Brabant, a wolf couple has also taken up residence in the Veluwe, feeding mostly on game animals there.