Don’t get caught in unfriendly fur


Don’t get caught in unfriendly fur

24 June 2022
Cats tread softly. They can steal up on you without a sound. Before you know it, your feline friend is on your lap. However, you may well not have noticed that sometimes it’s their fur keeping your head or neck warm as hat or hood trimmings, creeping up on the unwary consumer without the slightest meow. Much less friendly.

Now, anything containing real cat or dog fur is already banned in the EU. But products with fur from farmed mink, foxes, chinchillas and raccoon dogs are still on the market. These additions are not necessarily advertised as such. Instead, they can be used by manufacturers to give low-cost garments a high-end feel.

Faux fur can be faking it

You no doubt wouldn’t choose anything made of animal fur. But, while the price tag of a coat clearly indicates whether it’s a mink or a fink, it may well not alert you that the decoration on the bobble hat or hooded coat you’re looking at is not faux, but real fur.

This is why Fur Free Europe is not just seeking a ban on keeping and killing animals on fur farms, but also pushing for legislation to make it illegal for any farmed fur to be sold throughout the EU. That way, whenever a product takes your fancy, you’ll be sure it won’t contain anything that looked a lot fancier on its original owner. 

You will also be sure that you won’t be inadvertently supporting the abjectly cruel practice of forcing inherently wild species to spend their lives in cramped battery cages, unable to enjoy any natural behaviour. 

Herding the EU cats

Despite widespread ethical concerns – a majority of people in every EU country consider breeding animals for fur unacceptable, let alone the associated public health risks, many Member States still allow fur farming to continue. This time last year, twelve Member States called on the European Commission “to undertake appropriate action leading to the end of fur farming in Europe”. There has been some progress, but far more is needed.

The European Citizens’ Initiative Fur Free Europe is working hard to obtain the backing of a million EU citizens. If this goal is reached, the European Commission will be obliged to respond and take action.

If you too want to “Leave Fur Behind” and see a ban on fur farms and farmed fur products, then add your signature to the campaign. Let’s make sure there is only ever friendly faux fur on that hat or hood. No doubt the cat will purr too.