Djurens Rätt's Digital Summit 2020

Djurens Rätt's Digital Summit 2020

11 May 2020
Djurens Rätt
Digital Summit is a conference organized every year by Djurens Rätt. This edition will take place online on 16 May from 10 am to 4:30 pm and will focus on "How can we make a difference for the animals".

The program is packed with inspiration on how you can make a difference for the animals. We get to know the insights from the best in our movement, both from Sweden and internationally. Below you will find a selection of the program points.

Interview with Therése Lindgren
Therése Lindgren, Youtuber, influencer, entrepreneur and author of eg. the book  Who Cares. Therése is a strong voice for the animals and in 2019 was named the year's ruler of the Media Academy. In an interview with Therése, we get a personal insight into her commitment to the animals.

The process of change (presentation in English)
David Coman-Hidy, chairman of The Humane League. David has built The Humane League from a small animal rights group in 2005 to today create change globally. We get to share his journey, lessons and strategy for creating change.

Animal rights in an international and global perspective (presentation in English)
Reineke Hameleers, director of Eurogroup for Animals since 2013 talks about the organization's work at the EU level and how a larger international movement could help out in the change process for the animals.

The different forms of engagement with Cajsa Wessberg
In a conversation with illustrator and influencer Cajsa Wessberg, we discuss art and creativity as a method of influence and as a way to get involved with the animals. Among other things, Cajsa Wessberg has created a collection of educational products for children that show that meat comes from animals, has motifs on products in the Animal Rights Shop, and as an influencer she inspires over 170,000 people to eat vegan.

Sustainable commitment - we are persistent in our work for the animals (presentation in English)
Kirsty Henderson - Head of Operations and Former Communications Manager at Anima International, and one of the founders of Assiettes Végétales - shares valuable insights from her many years of experience in animal rights work, how we can be enduring in our commitment to the animals.

A world where animals are respected as knowing individuals with the right to their own lives - the way to it
Federation Chairman Camilla Bergvall and Head of Operations Benny Andersson, on behalf of the members, lead the work of Djurens Rätt. They give us a closer insight into where the organization stands today and show the way to a world that is more empathetic and fair to the animals.


The event is free and open to everyone to participate, however pre-registration is required. Sign up here!