DJURENS RÄTT: The most influential NGO in Swedish social media landscape

DJURENS RÄTT: The most influential NGO in Swedish social media landscape

8 October 2018
Djurens Rätt
On September 27, Swedish media site released its list of the most influential social media platforms in 2018. Djurens Rätt received a flattering acknowledgment for being the most influential non-governmental organisation in Sweden.

They rank 6th on the list of the most impactful on Facebook, after biggest Sweden’s biggest media outlet channels.

As the largest animals’ rights organisation in Sweden, Djurens Rätt currently counts around 45,000 members, with 375,000 followers on Facebook and more than 80,000 on Instagram. These numbers clearly show that the organisation knows how to engage interested citizens through social media. “We are successful in creating interactions with our followers which is one of the keys to growth. We put a lot of time and effort in responding to people’s questions and comments”, says Peter Nilsson, Digital media coordinator at Djurens Rätt.

The list was created on the basis of both reach (combination of followers and likes) and engagement with the followers (combination of comments and likes for specific content), the indicators that allow for a reliable data-driven conclusions. “Being able to mix the seriousness of the areas we work in with positive content, and inspire instead of passing judgement, is our recipe for success”, says Nilsson.

Compared to last year, Djurens Rättt improved the ranking by one position on Facebook and four positions on the general social media list, shifting from number 20 to 16. Apart from the amazing work Djurens Rätt has been doing on social media and beyond, this research shows the growth in interest and awareness around animal protection issues among Swedish citizens.

The post 'DJURENS RÄTT: The most influential NGO in Swedish social media landscape' is modified from an article published by Djurens Rätt in their original language.