'Dear Humans' campaign movie wins an award


'Dear Humans' campaign movie wins an award

27 April 2020
Compassion in World Farming won the People’s Choice Award at the Charity Film Awards on April 21 for the movie that was launched as a part of the End the Cage Age campaign.

Joanna Lumley, Deborah Meaden, Peter Egan, Evanna Lynch, Kate Ford and Mike Beckingham spoke out against cages, highlighting the reality for the millions of UK farm animals. They are currently suffering in cages which are mostly barren, cramped and denying the animals space to move freely.

The famous supporters of the campaign share the message of how cruel and completely unnecessary the cages really are.

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One of the latest push to End the Cage Age was being supported by Eurogroup for Animals' members: Animal Equality, OneKind, RSPCA and other animal advocates which have joined forces to back a parliamentary petition calling on the Government to end the use of cages for UK farm animals. 100,000 petition signatures was successful and brought about a parliamentary debate on the use of cages for farm animals. 

Now, you can urge the UK animal welfare minister to bring about an end to the cage age.

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