Cruelty is Out of Fashion: Report exposes treatment of wild animals exploited for fashion


Cruelty is Out of Fashion: Report exposes treatment of wild animals exploited for fashion

19 September 2022
In the report Cruelty is Out of Fashion, Collective Fashion Justice and World Animal Protection explore the problems regarding the use of wild animals as materials for clothing and accessories. The report also shows who is going further and who is getting behind when it comes to the adoption of more animal friendly and innovative alternatives.

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Wild animals are generally exploited for their fur, skin or feathers. In regard to fur, the report highlights the concerns regarding mink and fox trade. While wild animals can be trapped for their fur, the fashion industry is responsible for keeping and killing wild species like mink, foxes and raccoon dogs in factory farms, where they are bred in barren cages specifically to become a fashion product. 

A relevant finding is that as much as 95 percent of all fur sold in the fashion industry comes from wild animals kept and killed in fur factory farms, mainly in the EU and China. This housing system contravenes the most basic principles of animal welfare, causing extreme suffering to those animals.

Besides the concerns of fur production, the report raises awareness about fashion brands and fashion weeks that have decided to invest in more sustainable and innovative materials.

So far, amongst the three biggest fashion weeks in Europe - London, Paris and Milan, only London has implemented a fur free policy. Despite the lack of fur free policies in several shows, more and more luxury brands have gone fur free. 

The report also sets recommendations for fashion weeks, brands and the fashion industry in general to consider discontinuing the use of animal fur, skins and feathers in the long run, thus contributing to a humane and responsible fashion industry.

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