The cruelty behind egg production in Thailand


The cruelty behind egg production in Thailand

7 September 2020
International NGOs Anima International and Sinergia Animal Thailand just released a striking documentary showing the reality of egg production in Thailand.

The images show hens in extreme suffering, crammed in cages so small they can barely walk or spread their wings during practically their entire lives. The documentary was shot by an internationally renowned animal protection photographer, Andrew Skowron, and his team from Anima International in partnership with the NGO Sinergia Animal.

In Thai farms, hens endure incessant noise and don’t have access to natural light. Some farms were found to be in very dirty conditions, with piles of manure, feathers, and broken eggs on the floor, and even dead hens have been found stuck in the wires.

“All over the world, people are saying no to cages. But on some farms we saw reportedly used old cages from the EU. These systems are so inhumane that they have been banned there since 2012,”

says Skowron. He has been a press photographer in his home country, Poland, for 15 years and some years ago decided to dedicate his photography exclusively to documenting the reality of life for animals used for food and entertainment with the NGO Anima International. “We know kindness towards animals is a very important value in Thai society, and we hope Thailand will join the cage-free movement. Thai consumers and hens deserve better.”

I have seen egg farms in many different countries, and they always shock me for being so cruel. Sadly, Thai farms are not different. What is happening is beyond any measure of humanity.
Andrew Skowron, Documentary photographer