Croatians urged to “Skip the Zoo” to end animal cruelty


Croatians urged to “Skip the Zoo” to end animal cruelty

8 October 2021
Prijatelji životinja

Animal Friends Croatia has launched a nation-wide “Skip The Zoo” campaign to raise awareness about animals in zoos being deprived of their natural habitat and to encourage citizens to rethink visiting zoos.

Billboards across the country depict the suffering of wild animals in captivity for entertainment.

Animal Friends Croatia points out that animals become mentally ill due to being held in captivity: “We often see their futile, aimless walking around the enclosure, madness from boredom and zoochosis that forces them to move repeatedly back and forth, to self-harm, swing from one side to the other, excessively groom, vomit and behave in ways which indicate how much their psyche has suffered. Each of us needs to know about the dark side of zoos and all the pain and suffering of exploited animals that become their pale shadows in captivity."

Animal Friends Croatia asserts that the decision not to visit zoos is the only solution that could end the agony of millions of animals whose entire lives are limited to a few square feet. 

The very idea of keeping animals in zoos is primitive, outdated, voyeuristic, weird and meaningless, and it entails more suffering - hyperproduction, culling, resale and further torture of new generations of innocent prisoners. Zoos are not sanctuaries nor reserves, they do not save animals, and they certainly do not adequately educate the public about their needs and their way of life.
Animal Friends Croatia