Changing diet to tackle global warming


Changing diet to tackle global warming

21 September 2020
While the French government continues to fund the livestock industry, researchers have shown that switching to plant foods can spare 25 years of fossil emissions.

According to a publication published earlier this month in the journal Nature Sustainability, a change in diet would allow us to triple our leeway so as not to exceed 1.5 ° C of warming in 2100. To achieve this result, the Matthew Hayek's research team studied the impact of freeing up agricultural land currently dedicated to livestock.

The surfaces involved are immense: 40 million km ² are occupied by pastures and fields for livestock, i.e. four times more than crops dedicated to plant food and 26 times more than all the built-up areas and roads. . However, this area corresponding to 77% of agricultural land provides only 18% of the calories consumed in the world.

This influence also poses a problem for biodiversity: while on September 10 the WWF warned of the situation of the decline of 68% (on average) of vertebrate populations between 1970 and 2016, the association pointed to the destruction of ecosystems for agricultural purposes as the main culprit.