Bring out the voice of animals in the public debate


Bring out the voice of animals in the public debate

16 March 2020
Last week WELFARM launched a mini-campaign to call the public to contribute in favor of animal welfare within the framework of the French public debate ImPACtons.

This is a campaign to help the public express their concerns and expectations regarding the French agricultural model. A report will be submitted this summer to the Minister of Agriculture encouraging him to respect citizens' wishes when allocating financial aid from the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).   

As the current reality of agricultural activities in France sends discouraging signals, WELFARM aims at mobilizing citizens in the framework of this public debate and provide them with an opportunity to raise concern which should be taken into consideration during the negotiations.

We plead for agricultural aid to be directed to farms equipped with tools and practices that respect the environment and animals.

As explained on WELFARM's website created especially for this debate, several tools are made available in defining the future of French agricultural policy. Including the possibility to prioritize the objectives, like welfare of farm animals, there is a possibility to share opinions on different subjects and support (like) the contributions of other people. 
The post ' Bring out the voice of animals in the public debate' is modified from an article published by Welfarm in their original language.