Beirut: animal welfare network answers call for help, but more needed. Find out how you and your supporters can help.

Beirut: animal welfare network answers call for help, but more needed. Find out how you and your supporters can help.

10 August 2020
Following last week's explosions in Beirut organisations and individuals across the world have come to the aid of animals and their owners in the devastated Lebanese capital. Jason Mier, Executive Director of Animals Lebanon, has sent us this update a week after tragedy struck.

Animals Lebanon is very grateful for the support it has already received from Eurogroup for Animals’ member Animals Australia, Four Paws, Foundation Brigitte Bardot and World Animal Protection, as well as from 30millionsdamis.frHumane Society International and IFAW

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It is still so uncertain what we need as there are compounding problems: protests, government collapse, bank closure, devaluation, hyperinflation, coronavirus, explosion, another government collapse… We have done crisis repeatedly since October.

Here’s what we need now: 

  • Strategic planning: this is the most important thing for me, taking a step back from all the nonsense of the last year, working through everything our situation, and making sure that we come out of this situation well and that all of this new exposure means the organisation not only continues but develops and becomes more capable.
  • Will need international homes for roughly 50 animals rescued where an owner cannot be identified.
  • Website designer/developer: the office of ours was damaged, and they were winding down business because of the economic situation. We desperately need new design/development.
  • Support in education materials in Arabic: Lebanon is redoing the full school curriculum and we have an agreement with the Ministry Education to integrate animal welfare into the new curriculum, but the government put this project on hold in October and now it’s unlikely anything will move forward for years. We therefore want to develop an online education portal in Arabic, especially as students more used to home/online studies. In addition to funding we need expertise in developing this. We would make these materials freely available to other groups in Arabic regions.
  • Expert support in setting up rescue center for wildlife and companion animals: we have been working on this with a pro bono local architect, but as there is no local experience with animals or such facilities, we need expert advice in developing a master plan and animal buildings.
  • Capacity building for long-term spay/neuter of homeless animals: once we are done with disaster response it would be good to do more long-term spay/neuter of homeless animals, as well as capacity building for a number of local vets to improve competency. Many of the people and organisations that come here are shocked at the poor level of vet care.
  • Staff work experience in a fellow organisation outside Lebanon, in addition to a much-needed vacation! I would like to send two or three people out of the country any time in the next six months to volunteer or train with a different organisation. This would give them a break from all the nonsense in Lebanon, show them that people are seeing and appreciating what they are doing here, and to see other ways of working.

Please contact me if your organisation would like to discuss any of the above with me.

With sincere thanks for your support now and in the future,

Jason Mier
Executive Director
Animals Lebanon
+961 (0)3 026 596