Argentine election looms over EU-Mercosur deal


Argentine election looms over EU-Mercosur deal

25 October 2019
Brazil and EU officials are concerned Buenos Aires could return to protectionism.

The EU's landmark trade accord with Mercosur has met opposition in France, Austria and Ireland — but an even more immediate threat to the deal is now emerging in South America.

National elections in Argentina this Sunday could spell the triumphant return of protectionist policies in the continent's second-largest economy, as polls predict a comeback for the left-wing politician Cristina Kirchner, who governed the country from 2007 to 2015.

During her presidency, which was plagued with corruption charges that are still pending (and which she strongly denies), Kirchner embraced a militant protectionist agenda and allied the country to other far-left Latin American leaders in Bolivia and Venezuela, among others.