The Aquatic Life Institute publishes new guide on fish welfare


The Aquatic Life Institute publishes new guide on fish welfare

10 December 2020
Together with global experts including Eurogroup for Animals’ members Animal Equality, Compassion in World Farming, Dyrevernalliansen and Essere Animali, The Aquatic Life Institute (ALI) published a guide to improving welfare for farmed aquatic animals.

The guide gives an overview of what ALI has identified as key areas where welfare intervention is most needed for animals used in aquaculture.

As studies show, many commonly farmed aquatic animals, who have been excluded historically from the animal welfare discourse, have a capacity to suffer that is analogous to terrestrial animals. For this reason, ALI suggests that the welfare of farmed aquatic animals should be given the same scrutiny and concern as that of other farmed animals, concluding that therefore their welfare in farm systems must be reassessed at the individual level, not just as a batch.

The guide further states that it is crucial to consider every life-stage of the animals being farmed, as well as the wellbeing of all other species used in their production. Concern for the welfare of all animals used in aquaculture must be maintained across the life span, from breeding, through birth, to slaughter and to all other animals used in production.