Annual EggTrack Report: shifting towards a cage-free future


Annual EggTrack Report: shifting towards a cage-free future

2 November 2020
Eurogroup for Animals’ member Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) has launched its fourth annual EggTrack report. Besides tracking US and European cage-free progress, this year’s report expands its scope by initiating global tracking of this progress.

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, the EggTrack report finds that companies and producers have continued to make reports on their growth, with improved quality. CIWF highlights how encouraging it is to see that the pandemic has not been a reason to backtrack from their engagements for animal welfare.

210 companies were included in EggTrack this year, of which 134 (63%) reported progress against their commitments. Several companies like General Mills and McDonald’s are continuing to make progress against their commitments as the shift towards a cage-free future continues to grow. 

Some other highlights this report includes:

  • 14 out of 25 tracked global commitments were reported against
  • An updated interactive tracker, that includes historical data
  • An overview of the Global, US, and European egg markets
  • An analysis of the threat posed by combination systems to a truly cage-free future 
  • Links to technical resources to assist companies in transitioning to a cage-free egg supply