"Animals, Climate Change and Global Health": A series of six webinars

"Animals, Climate Change and Global Health": A series of six webinars

14 September 2020
A series of six seminars with leading experts from around the world, with the aim of inspiring an in-depth conversation – and actions – at the nexus animals x climate change x global health

Animals, climate change and global health are a nexus of high, contemporary relevance in the context of the coronavirus crisis since most infectious diseases are zoonotic, meaning they move from animals to humans and threaten to cause epi- and pandemics. Habitat loss, industrial animal agriculture, and a collapsing climate all threaten to increase zoonotic disease outbreaks in incidence, number, and severity. This crisis is not a one-time outlier and cannot be studied in isolation. Instead, it forces us to consider the bigger picture, including our relations to nature, our treatment of non-human animals, and the fact that the world, as we have come to know it, is not infinite.

For this webinar series, experts from a range of disciplines were invited to share their knowledge during six interactive sessions:

- Session 1: Animals, Pandemics and Global Health – September 18, 2020

- Session 2: COVID-19 Research: With or Without Animals? – October 16, 2020

- Session 3: Animals in Crises (Date TBA)

- Session 4: Animals Affected by Climate Change (Date TBA)

- Session 5: Animals as Drivers of Climate Change (Date TBA)

- Session 6: Future Areas of Research (Date TBA)

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