ANIMALIA: Finnish fur industry in sharp decline


ANIMALIA: Finnish fur industry in sharp decline

14 August 2019
Last week Animalia announced the steady decline of Finland’s fur industry. The good news was sourced from the 2018 statistical report published by FiFur, the Finnish fur breeders association, which shows a systematic decrease in the numbers of fur farms and animals bred for fur. 

This trend clearly reflects citizens’ condemnation of the fur farming industry, especially since Finland is the biggest producers of fox fur in Europe, with 2.5 million reared and electrocuted every year. 

The report shows that the value of fur exports fell from 430 million in 2017 to 316 million in 2018, while breeding volumes are also falling. Last year there were 18% fewer fox puppies and 14% fewer mink puppies than in 2017, while the number of fur farms decreased from 1015 to 967.

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