Animal Welfare Protection Legally Permitted In Trade Policy


Animal Welfare Protection Legally Permitted In Trade Policy

7 April 2017
Eurogroup for Animals' Trade & Animal Welfare Project has reached a milestone in its mission to use trade policy to help protect animal welfare.

The project recently published a research article in the fourth issue of Global Trade and Customs Journal’s 12th edition, available here.

The research article answers important questions regarding the legality of restricting trade in order to protect animal welfare. In order to ensure that European trade policy can be used effectively to protect animal welfare, it is essential to have an understanding of the limitations created by international trade law. The research article answers some of these important questions and sets out a clear way in which the EU can restrict trade in order to protect animal welfare in a manner that is consistent with the law of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Lead author, Trade & Animal Welfare Project Officer at Eurogroup for Animals, Iyan Offor, notes: “we are made stronger as a movement by having conducted this research. The fact that we have solid legal argumentation to back our advocacy messages gives us the authority we need to push for effective animal welfare protection in trade policy”.

This milestone marks a significant success of the Trade & Animal Welfare Project in its objective of bringing together the disparate worlds of trade policy and animal welfare protection.

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The research article is available on our website here. Due to copyrights held by the Global Trade and Customs Journal, please seek the permission of the author before sharing this article further.