Animal welfare: CESE pushes for labeling


Animal welfare: CESE pushes for labeling

28 December 2019
On February 6, CIWF was auditioned by the Agriculture Committee of the EESC (Economic, Social and Environmental Council). This opinion was presented and voted on yesterday, Wednesday 27 November, in plenary session, by the two rapporteurs.

This opinion was voted almost unanimously yesterday! The public authorities and the sectors should now seize it. This would make our farms more respectful of animals and humans, and more sustainable, with less environmental impact. Animal welfare (BEA) is thus seen as the lever for a transition in animal husbandry.

The opinion thus recommends:

  1. A reduction in densities;
  2. Design of buildings with open air access;
  3. The end of certain practices, such as tail docking, debeaking poultry;
  4. The reorganization of the sectors with the end of the grinding of the male chicks.