Animal Equality secure a happy result from the PETI Committee on outlawing fast-growing broiler breeds


Animal Equality secure a happy result from the PETI Committee on outlawing fast-growing broiler breeds

29 May 2023
Animal Equality

On May 24, the European Parliament’s PETI Committee discussed the petition submitted by Animal Equality Italy to outlaw fast-growing broiler breeds on the basis of incompatibility with EU law. MEPs and the European Commission, represented by Kirsten Vornhagen, exchanged views on this vital issue affecting the lives of billions of birds farmed in the EU.

Across Europe, countless broiler chickens are leading lives filled with suffering. To support high levels of production on factory farms, they’re bred to grow very rapidly, which means they often experience severe health problems. Our member Animal Equality brought this issue to the EU institution’s attention this week, by getting a petition in the PETI Committee of the European Parliament to ban the farming of fast-growing broilers across Europe. We’re delighted to report the results of the meeting were positive.

The Petitions Committee's opinion marks a major step toward ending the suffering of billions of chickens throughout the European Union. Indeed, the breeding of these animals, genetically selected to suffer for the benefit of the meat industry, is an aberration contrary to any animal welfare standards. It is now necessary for the European Commission to act to prevent the unjustified exploitation of these animals from continuing any further.

- Animal Equality's Vice President for Europe, Matteo Cupi

The animal welfare provisions are there, but they need to be respected, and it is up to the EU Commission to make sure that happens. I am really glad that there is this petition and I think it is necessary to ask the Commission whether the law or the reported practice should be changed.

- MEP Margrete Auken

It was decided the petition will be kept open, and it was further confirmed the European Commission was aware of the issues it raised. Kirsten Vornhagen from the Commission’s Animal Welfare Unit mentioned that one of the options the Commission is looking at in their impact assessment of the upcoming animal welfare legislation is a legal requirement for the use of slow-growing breeds, as recommended by EFSA. We welcome this initiative as one that has the potential to bring about immense positive change to the billions of broilers farmed in the EU. We will be closely following the developments in this space. 

It’s critical that the Commission factors in all kept animals in their ongoing revision to the EU’s animal welfare laws! Learn more here.