Amicus Curiae on CJEU case


Amicus Curiae on CJEU case

23 October 2020
Amicus Curiae submitted by Prof. Alemanno and Prof. de Sadeleer to the CJEU in support of the Flemish decree banning slaughter without stunning

In view of the expected publication of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) verdict in case C-336/19, Professor Alberto Alemanno (HEC Paris) and Professor Nicolas de Sadeleer (Saint-Louis University) submitted an Amicus Curiae to the CJEU, reiterating the legitimacy of the Flemish Government to ban slaughter without stunning and implementing reversible stunning for the slaughtering of animals in the context of religious rites: 

"a legislation […] prescribing an alternative stunning procedure for the slaughter carried out in the context of a religious rite is permissible under Union law, not least having regard to the guarantees of religious liberty and freedom contained in the Charter.” 

This contribution presents “reversible stunning as a method that successfully balances the apparently competing values of religious freedom expressed in ritual slaughtering on the one hand, and the concern for animal welfare on the other under current EU law.”

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