Abandonment of animals: 80 fish in a small tank dumped in the UK


Abandonment of animals: 80 fish in a small tank dumped in the UK

21 August 2020
Summer always shows to be a busy season for animal rescue centers as pet owners not only tend to abandon their pets when they leave on holiday but also need to keep a close eye on their pets in the extreme heat. While this usually applies to companion animals like dogs and cats, animal welfare supporters were disturbed by a scene which occurred on 30 July in the town of Spalding in the UK.

A small tank was left abandoned at the side of a road, holding around 80 guppy fish, filled with only a little less than 13 cm of water. The tank was completely inadequate, especially as guppies are tropical fish which need to be kept at a water temperature of 22 to 28 degrees.

Two teenagers found the tank on the reportedly extremely hot day and called the closeby RSCPA facility which rescued the fish and has now rehomed them. 

Unfortunately, these kinds of events are not uncommon when it comes to fish. Many people seem to get fish as they believe they are pets which are very easy to take care of. What people seem to forget is that considering their complex biological, environmental and behavioural needs, fish can be challenging pets, requiring owners to invest time and care. 

The RSPCA is currently investigating the case and is asking for information from the public.