2020 at a glance


2020 at a glance

30 March 2020
Eurogroup for Animals' Dutch member organisation Sea First Foundation shares highlights and plans for this year.

Dedicated to education and raising awareness about the state of oceans today and the consequences it poses to humans, animals and the nature, the CEO of the Sea First Foundation shares exciting achievements in 2019 and change of plans for 2020 due to Covid-19 crisis. 

You can also find about more about the role of big data in effective ocean management, including the conservation of highly migratory species, their movement and how this affects fishing efforts. Used to track the movement of Pelagic sharks, an article featured in the newsletter shows that, despite the size of the oceanic space, sharks have limited refuges due to the current fishing efforts in marine areas outside national jurisdictions. 

Read the letter here. 

The post '2020 at a glance' is modified from an article published by Sea First Foundation in their original language.