20% of all Norwegian chickens now live under European Chicken Commitment standards


20% of all Norwegian chickens now live under European Chicken Commitment standards

17 August 2022
Major producer Norsk Kylling has improved standards for broiler chickens by providing additional space, natural light and improved killing methods, thanks to a collaboration with the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance.

The unlikely collaboration between chicken producer Norsk Kylling and the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance started in 2016. At that time the producers slaughterhouse was rebuilt, replacing shackling and electrical stunning with less invasive gas stunning. In 2018 the producer introduced a slower growing breed, and in 2022 the stocking density was lowered and daylight introduced for all birds.

We are thrilled to see such major improvements in this very intensive production. Norsk Kylling demonstrates to its competitors that better animal welfare is a matter of will.

Live Kleveland, Head of Communications, Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance

Minimum space requirement for chickens in Norway is 36 kg/m2. Norsk Kylling has now lowered the stocking density to 30 kg/m2. The birds are given perches and pecking substrates. A decrease in stocking density clearly is costly and has been an issue of much consideration. Norsk Kylling now complies with the European Chicken Commitment (EEC).

As the farms are situated close to the polar circle, natural daylight disappears for several months every year. To compensate, electric lighting with daylight spectrum has been added to every shed. The windows can also be blinded so the birds are given complete darkness for a total of eight hours every day, particularly in the summer with midnight sun.

The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance has developed the lighting requirements and is thrilled to see it work successfully. Compassion in World Farming also worked with the producer to ensure they had sufficient information to provide better standards for chickens.

The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance continues to work for chicken welfare, and now targets the main producer in Norway – the farmers' cooperative Nortura.