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Here are the latest actions by our Member Organisations across Europe.

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ESSERE ANIMALI: New investigation exposes horrific conditions on Greek fish farms

Photo: Essere Animali As part of their latest investigation uncovering the brutalities of the aquaculture sector, Eurogroup for Animals’ Italian member organisation Essere Animali have today released this shocking footage exposing high stocking densities, unhygienic conditions and ineffective slaughter methods on Greek fish farms. As Europe’s main seabass and seabream producer, Greece exports more than […]


GAIA: Carrefour Belgium stops selling kangaroo meat

Photo ©Steven Pahel After a year of campaigning, GAIA has managed to convince Carrefour Belgium to stop selling kangaroo meat.  After GAIA’s ‘Save the Kangaroos’ campaign revealed the cruel conditions in which more than 1.6 million kangaroos are hunted every year, Belgian supermarket Delhaize removed kangaroo meat from their shelves – and now Carrefour is […]

ANIMALIA: 74% of Finns oppose fur farming in its current form, and the majority does not accept killing animals for fur

Two surveys carried out on behalf of our Finnish member organisation Animalia proved that 74 percent of Finns already oppose fur farming in its current form. The surveys were conducted by Taloustutkimus, a respected Finnish market research company. The surveys also revealed that 60 percent of Finns think killing animals for their fur is wrong.  […]


ANIMAL EQUALITY: Small slaughterhouses are not exempt from cruelty to animals

Photo: Animal Equality In its latest investigation in November, Animal Equality Italy revealed shocking abuse of animals even at local, family-run businesses. Though smaller farms, slaughterhouses and other facilities are generally  perceived to be better or more humane, the video footage shows chickens being stunned inadequately, causing terrible suffering before death. 550 million animals are […]


ANIMALIA: Misinterpretation of the EU Invasive Alien Species regulation leads to more suffering for raccoon dogs in Finland

Earlier this month Animalia gave the Anti-Animal Award of the Year to Jari Leppä, Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, for his questionable interpretation of the EU Invasive Alien Species Regulation.  As a result of this interpretation, Finnish government introduced changes in the Hunting Act which now allows raccoon dogs to be hunted without restrictions. […]


LAV: First victory for kangaroos

Photo credit: Hopping Pictures Following LAV’s campaign exposing Italy’s leading role in kangaroo leather imports, sportswear brand Diadora has been the first to pledge kangaroo-free production from next year. This decision came only five months after LAV’s first contact with brand representatives, and has a potential to save millions of kangaroos from brutal killings. Simone […]

© Cruelty Free International / SOKO Tierschutz

DEUTSCHER TIERSCHUTZBUND: Cruel treatment of laboratory animals shows failure in the implementation of EU Directive

Following a shocking investigation by Cruelty Free International and SOKO Tierschutz showing cruelty to monkeys and dogs in the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) near Hamburg, our German member organisation Deutscher Tierschutzbund calls for the closure of the laboratory and for the implementation of the EU Directive. According to the German animal protection organisation, […]


ESSERE ANIMALI: Evidence of cruelty to Italian laying hens

Photo: Essere Animali A new undercover investigation by Essere Animali in an intensive farm with 56,000 hens has revealed animals being handled and treated cruelly.  The investigation reveals sick birds being beaten to death, as well as possible violations to EU rules on stocking density. The footage comes from a farm supplying ‘Naturella’, a well-known […]


AAP ANIMAL ADVOCACY AND PROTECTION: Many exotic animals kept in Europe carry dangerous diseases

Photo: AAP ANIMAL ADVOCACY AND PROTECTION While the global community celebrates World Animal Day, AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection today reveals worrying data on diseases found in exotic animals kept in captivity in Europe. It calls on EU decision-makers to establish a positive list of species that are allowed to be traded and kept as pets […]

Cats Protection

CATS PROTECTION: New petition calls for compulsory microchipping of owned cats in the UK

Sign the petition Cats Protection, the UK’s largest cat welfare charity, has launched a petition to make microchipping compulsory for owned cats across the UK, to help reunite missing cats with their owners. The UK Government recently announced that they will shortly be issuing a call for evidence on whether to introduce compulsory microchipping for […]

Djurens Rätt, Kronfågel

DJURENS RÄTT: Our response to misleading campaign promoting chicken meat

Photo credits: Djurens Rätt Last week Djurens Rätt reacted to the biggest-ever campaign launched by the Swedish chicken meat producer Kronfågel, in which chicken meat consumption is promoted as a way to combat climate change.  According to Djurens Rätt, advertising chicken meat as an environmentally friendly choice is seriously misleading. Although the amounts of carbon […]


DYREVERNALLIANSEN: New report reveals high mortality of hatched salmon in Norway

Photo credit: ©Dyrevernalliansen Suspiciously high mortality levels of Norwegian juvenile salmon were found in the report produced by Dyrevernalliansen and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute earlier this month. Since Norway is the world’s biggest producer of Atlantic salmon this finding sheds an important light on the lack of appropriate welfare measures for Norway’s largest, yet most […]

Animal Equality Italy

ANIMAL EQUALITY ITALY: Investigation shows the suffering of caged sows in Italy

Photo credit: ©Animal Equality Italy  New images from a video investigation carried out by Animal Equality in a farm in Northern Italy show once again the cruel conditions of caged sows. Trapped between bars, their piglets will become Italian pork delicacies such as Parma Ham. Animal Equality calls on people across Europe to seize the […]

L214 lapins

L214: Investigation in a French rabbit farm shows it’s time to #EndTheCageAge

Photo credits:  ©L214 New investigation by our French member L214 reveals the horrible conditions rabbits bred for their meat have to endure in a farm located in the town of Nueil-les-Aubiers (Deux-Sèvres) in central-west France. Cramped spaces, wounds and antibiotics are the daily life of these animals confined to cages for the whole of their […]

severely_cross-eyed_male_lion_held_captive_in_south_africa_WAP_Credit Blood Lions

WORLD ANIMAL PROTECTION: Shocking reports on wild animals in captivity and bred for traditional medicine

Photo credit: Blood Lions This month, World Animal Protection has published two reports, one exposing degrading performances and activities in the world’s zoos and aquariums, and the other revealing the expanding industry of big cats being bred and killed for their body parts. The first report, ‘The show can’t go on’, was produced in cooperation […]


C’EST ASSEZ, CNDA, FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT, L214 AND LFDA: French NGOs present their proposals for better wildlife protection to Ministry of Ecology

Photo credits: ©Pablo Heimplatz   Following the consultation launched on 24 April by the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition of France, a coalition of French animal welfare NGOs presented to Minister François de Rugy their proposals to improve the welfare of wild animals kept in captivity in France.  The coalition working group –  […]


COMPASSION IN WORLD FARMING: 2019 Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards Ceremony

Find out who the winners are On June 27th, Compassion in World Farming hosted the 2019 edition of the Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards in Brussels, Belgium. This annual ceremony rewards food businesses for their commitments to higher animal welfare. The 2019 edition rewarded dozens of corporations for egg-laying hens, rabbits, turkey, broiler chickens, dairy […]


WELFARM: Renewed forces against piglet castration without anesthesia in France

Photo: Otwarte Klatki / Andrew Skowron Today WELFARM re-launched their campaign against piglet castration without anesthesia. Due to lack of the EU Pig Directive enforcement, 10 million male piglets, 85% of them no older than 7 days old, are castrated without anesthesia in France every year. With the campaign and the newly launched video capturing […]

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ISPCA: Ireland bans fur farming

Photo credits: © Konrad Łoziński/Otwarte Klatki Ireland’s Cabinet agreed to the phased dis-establishment of fur farming in Ireland yesterday. It’s cause for celebration for ISPCA, Eurogroup for Animals’ Irish member organisation, which has been working to end fur farming for many years, and recently with the successful campaign #FurFreeIreland. The Government decision was based on […]


ANIMAL ADVOCACY AND PROTECTION: Urgent call for Positive List of species allowed as pets in the EU

AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection today published a report which sheds light on the alarming lack of EU regulation covering the private ownership of the vast majority of all 5,488 known mammal species, most of which can be kept as pets somewhere in the EU. Even species with extraordinarily complex care needs, such as primates, […]


COMPASSION IN WORLD FARMING: 150 actions in 33 countries to ‘Stop Live Transport’

Thousands of citizens mobilised on six continents to raise awareness on June 14 for the third annual Stop Live Transport International Day of Awareness organised by Compassion in World Farming. In Brussels, a group – including MEPs Jytte Guteland (S&D, SE) and Anja Hazekamp (GUE, NL) – gathered in front of the European Parliament holding […]

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DYREVERNALLIANSEN: Norway bans fur farming

Photo © Dyrevernalliansen/Iselin Linstad Hauge Yesterday the Norwegian Parliament passed the Fur Farming Prohibition Act, banning the practise in Norway from February 2025 onwards. It’s a victory for Dyrevernalliansen (the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance), Eurogroup for Animals’ Norwegian member organisation, which has been working to end fur farming for two decades. The impossibility of solving […]

Respectful Life, horse, horsemeat

TIERSCHUTZBUND ZÜRICH and ANIMAL WELFARE FOUNDATION: “Stop the deceit over horsemeat imports”

Photo ©Tierschutzbund Zürich and Animal Welfare Foundation Thirteen international animal welfare organisations – led by Tierschutzbund Zürich and Animal Welfare Foundation – are calling for a suspension of horsemeat imports based on a lack of traceability and respect for animal welfare requirements. Since 2012, the animal welfare NGOs Tierschutzbund Zürich (Switzerland), Animal Welfare Foundation (Germany), […]


OTWARTE KLATKI: Protection of animals in the EU – Meeting with Polish candidate MEPs

On May 22, during the National Day of Animal Rights, we met in Poznan with candidates taking part in the European Parliament elections. As part of the debate organized by Otwarte Klatki and Koalicja Społeczna STOP FERMOM Przemysłowym, representatives of the main political forces had the opportunity to present their own visions of animal protection […]

Respect Pigeons


Photo credits: ©Deutscher Tierschutzbund This month, Deutscher Tierschutzbund launched a second phase of their #RespectPigeons campaign. Focused on building a more positive image of these birds, often considered to present a health hazard, the campaign aims to create peaceful co-existence of humans and pigeons. Often referred to as ‘sky rats’, pigeons have long been perceived […]


European Union Court of Justice questions wolf hunting permits granted in Finland

Photo © Ronnie Macdonald Last week the Court of Justice of the European Union (EUJC) delivered its opinion on the permits granted by the Finnish Wildlife Agency to kill wolves – a seriously endangered species in Finland – to prevent poaching and harm to hunting dogs. The EUCJ considers that Finland has failed to scientifically […]

ANIMAIS DE RUA: Portuguese candidates share their priorities for animals

Our Portuguese Member, Animais de Rua, organised a political debate on 6th of May in Lisbon. The event gathered candidates for the upcoming European Parliament elections (23-26 May) to discuss their animal welfare commitments as part of the Vote for Animals 2019 campaign. Bullfighting and the transport of live animals were particular concerns for all […]


ANIMAL WELFARE FOUNDATION: Cruelty to lambs transported to Italy during Easter continues

Photo credits:  ©Animal Welfare Foundation Yet again, lambs have been transported across the EU for days with no water, food, room to rest or veterinary care. An investigation by Animal Welfare Foundation sheds light on the systematic cruelties and violations behind the transport of lambs from Eastern Europe to Italy during Easter. Every year during […]

Dyrenes Beskyttelse Laying hens

DYRENES BESKYTTELSE: The time is ripe to reintroduce a ban on cages for hens in Denmark

Photo credits:  ©Dyrenes Beskyttelse 25,000 Danish citizens have signed a petition launched by Dyrenes Beskyttelse, the Danish organisation for animal protection, to ban cages for hens. Until 1980 it was illegal to keep laying hens in cages in Denmark, and both animal advocates and citizens think the time is ripe to translate the will of […]


ESSERE ANIMALI: #SOSpig campaign

Photo credits: © Essere Animali Essere Animali has released a new investigation that documents the cruel procedures that more than 9 million pigs endure on Italian factory farms. The release of the investigation also coincides with the launch of a campaign with a petition, #SOSpigs (English website). Images reveal the conditions endured by breeding sows, confined […]

Mosa Meat

GAIA: Belgians say ‘yes’ to cell-based meat

Photo credit: ©Mosa Meat On 13 March GAIA officially launched their slaughter-free meat campaign. Following encouraging results in the opinion poll measuring consumer attitudes towards cell-based meat in Belgium, the campaign launch was tied to the presentation of Paul Shapiro’s book Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World, now […]

March for Animals Zagreb, Animal Friends Croatia

ANIMAL FRIENDS CROATIA: Third animal rights march in Croatia sets to be biggest so far

Photo credits: ©Animal Friends Croatia On 13 April Animal Friends Croatia (AFC) will organize the country’s biggest animal rights march for the third time in the capital city, Zagreb. AFC invites all citizens to join the peaceful march and stand for those who have been deprived of their fundamental rights, for nonviolence and for justice. […]

ANIMAL DEFENDERS INTERNATIONAL: New book proposes ways to move away from animal experimentation

The limitations of animal experimentation in improving human healthcare is overwhelming, but more than 11 million animals are still used in research every year in the EU alone. In a conference sponsored by Animal Defenders International, the authors of a new book, ‘Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Shift’, presented their critical look at the […]


CIWF: Examining two solutions to reduce animal suffering – Mobile slaughter and meat analogues

Photo credits: Compassion in World Farming On 5th February Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), together with Svenska Djurskyddforeningen, organised a debate at the European Parliament to discuss how mobile slaughter can break the chain of long-distance transport, reducing unnecessary suffering for the animals. The event was hosted by MEP Jytte Guteland (S&D, SE) who stressed that […]

Ritual slaughter, Fondation Brigitte Bardot

FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT: Slaughter without stunning – State of play and scope for change

On Thursday January 25, Fondation Brigitte Bardot organized a conference on the issue of slaughter without stunning. Sponsored by Pascal Durand, Member of the European Parliament (Greens/EFA, FR), the conference gathered veterinarians, animal advocates, industrial stakeholders, lawyers, and  Muslim and Jewish representatives from France  to discuss the challenges of slaughter without stunning and opportunities for […]


LOOMUS: Animal advocates will help to resubmit legislative fur farm ban in response to Estonian parliament earlier rejection

Photo credits: Loomus On 22 January, the Estonian parliament again rejected a proposal to close fur farms with a 5-year transition period. Although 28 parliamentarians voted for the continuation of fur farming, a historically high number of 25 parliamentarians voted against. Loomus sees this as a positive development as the fur farming proponents won by […]

Demonstration, Protest, Berlin, Farmers

DEUTSCHER TIERSCHUTZBUND and VIER PFOTEN: “We are fed up!” Demonstration in Berlin

On Saturday January 19th, at the beginning of the International Green Week in Berlin (January 18th-27th), the worldwide biggest agricultural event , our member organisations Deutscher Tierschutzbund and VIER PFOTEN took part in the annual demonstration against the agricultural industry and went to the streets to stand up for a sustainable Common Agriculture Policy and […]

Eurogroup for Animals and Portuguese animal advocacy organisations join forces for animals in Portugal

A group of enthusiastic animal advocates at the first meeting of Joining Forces for Animals in Portugal project. They are SOS Animal, Sociedade Portuguesa para a Educação Humanitária, ONDAID, Vida Animal, Animais de rua, Associaçao Miacis and Associação Projecto Animais de Barcelos. Joining Forces for Animals in Portugal is a two-year project kindly supported by […]