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Campaign success: “Friendship, Programme & Campaign” by Animal Action Greece

1.Title of organisation Animal Action Greece 2.Title of Campaign Friendship, Programme & Campaign 3.Timeframe Launched in 2012, ongoing 4. Summary a) Objective and activities of campaign Among the many problems brought on by the Greek debt crisis is a surging population of stray dogs and cats. The stray cat colonies in Athens is a massive […]


Campaign success: “Wild animals out of the tent!” by AAP – Animal Advocacy & Protection

Photo credit AAP/ Jean-Pierre Jans Campaign against wild animals circuses 1.Title of organisation Initiator and co-founder: AAP – Animal Advocacy and Protection. Co-founders: World Animal Protection (WAP), Four Paws, Stichting Dierenlot, Stichting Menodi. Campaign and Organization of the same name created by the co-founders: Wilde Dieren de Tent Uit! 2.Title of Campaign Wild animals out […]

welfarm, unweaned calves, animal welfare foundation, investigation

WELFARM and ANIMAL WELFARE FOUNDATION: New investigation on the transport of unweaned calves shows violation of EU law

Photo credits: WELFARM / Animal Welfare Foundation  WELFARM and Animal Welfare Foundation released a new investigation showing massive violations of the EU transport regulation. By following a truck loaded with 155 young calves transported from Poland to the Franco-German border, investigators found that the animals were kept in the truck for 20 hours, with no […]


SEY: “Ban on keeping animals needs better controls”

Kati Pulli, CEO of SEY, criticizes insufficient enforcement of ban on animal keeping in Finland. Unfairly differing from similar acts treated as criminal offenses, the violation of this ban has been considered as merely a misdemeanor, making the implementation process slow and sometimes even impossible. With the Finnish Animal Welfare Act currently under revision, SEY […]

ANIMAL FRIENDS CROATIA: ‘Adopt, don’t shop!’ urges Croatian president

Photo credit: Animal Friends Croatia Last month, the Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic hosted an open door event dedicated to ‘Adopt, don’t shop!’ campaign. Initiated by Animal Friends Croatia and the country’s network of 40 animal protection organisations, the event was an opportunity to report on the implementation of the new Animal Protection Act that came […]

World Horse Welfare Annual Conference

World Horse Welfare: “Changing Times” 2018 Annual Conference

On October 31 World Horse Welfare held a thought-provoking annual conference hosting speakers from across the international equine sector. In the packed venue of the Royal Geographical Society in London experts and horse welfare enthusiasts discussed a wide range of topics such as changing trends in equine training methods and the importance of boosting developing […]

Laying hens, France, Groupe Avril, L214, Investigation

L214: Another investigation reveals appalling conditions in French battery cages

Photo credits: ©L214   Last week, L214 released an investigation capturing the ghastly conditions in which laying hens are kept in the industrial farms federated by the Groupe Avril, leading actor in French industrial oils and proteins sector. The appalling footage shows more than 150,000 laying hens cramped in cages, experiencing distress and anguish. L214 […]

Essere Animali Investigation fish

ESSERE ANIMALI: New investigation exposes ‘horrific’ conditions on Italian fish farms

Photo credits: ©Essere Animali The Guardian released a shocking investigation conducted by Essere Animali that uncovers terrible conditions on European ‘factory farms’ for fish. These largely unregulated, cruel practices expose the lack of fish’ legal protection in spite of being widely accepted as sentient beings. The distressing footage filmed by Essere Animali shows sea bream, […]

WELFARM: Calling citizens to ensure animal welfare stands out in Commission consultation on the future of Europe

This week WELFARM launched an initiative calling French citizens to take part in the recently opened European Commission Consultation on the future of Europe. By guiding its supporters through the rather complex consultation while raising specific animal welfare issues, WELFARM provides a great example of animal advocates mobilising citizens to take responsibility for the future […]

Cash Investigation, L214

L214 calls for the ban of fur farms in France on national TV

On 9 October Sébastien Arsac, co-founder of L214, appeared on one of France’s most popular investigative TV programmes, ‘Cash investigation’. The edition was devoted to the shocking behind-the-curtain reality of the luxury goods sector in France. Sébastien Arsac called on France to follow the example of 12 European countries and ban fur farming. Cash investigation […]

United Nations World Horse Welfare Donkey Sanctuary

WORLD HORSE WELFARE, THE DONKEY SANCTUARY: Working equines’ welfare important for achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals

Photo left to right: Jessica Stark, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, World Horse Welfare; Roly Owers, CEO World Horse Welfare; Mike Baker, CEO, The Donkey Sanctuary; Ian Cawsey, The Donkey Sanctuary UN Ambassador; Valentina Riva, Advocacy Manager, The Donkey Sanctuary. Photo credits: The Donkey Sanctuary The Donkey Sanctuary and World Horse Welfare held high-level […]

Djurens Ratt

DJURENS RÄTT: The most influential NGO in Swedish social media landscape

Photo credits: ©Djurens Rätt On September 27, Swedish media site medieakademin.se released its list of the most influential social media platforms in 2018. Djurens Rätt received a flattering acknowledgment for being the most influential non-governmental organisation in Sweden. They rank 6th on the list of the most impactful on Facebook, after biggest Sweden’s biggest media […]

©Dyrevernalliansen, piglet castration

DEUTSCHER TIERSCHUTZBUND: Germany plans to delay implementation of mandatory anaesthesia for piglets during castration

Photo credits: ©Dyrevernalliansen On October 1 the German coalition announced their disappointing decision to plan to delay mandatory anesthesia for piglets during castration, just three months before the measure’s supposed enforcement. As a consequence, more than 20 million piglets castrated without anesthesia every year in Germany will have to endure the suffering for another two […]

ECI, Compassion in World Farming

COMPASSION IN WORLD FARMING: European Citizens’ Initiative “End the Cage Age” successfully launched in the European Parliament

Last 25 September marked the official launch of the European Citizens’ Initiative “End the Cage Age” in the European Parliament, an a historical moment for the more than 100 animal welfare and environmental organisations joining this opportunity to put and end to the cage age. It is the first time that such great number of […]

broilers, broiler chickens, denmark, dyrenes beskyttelse

ANIMAL PROTECTION DENMARK: Danish factory farmed chicken reaches record-speed growth

Photo credits: © Henning Bagger Ritzau Scanpix Animal Protection Denmark (Dyrenes Beskyttelse) has launched a campaign to improve the poor welfare conditions of broiler chickens in the Danish chicken industry. The Danish organisation denounces the ever increasing growth speed of chickens, that in 2018  are ready for slaughter three days earlier than 10 years ago. […]

Swiss Animal Protection, Fair Food Initiative, Referendum

SWISS ANIMAL PROTECTION: Debating animal welfare and fair trade towards two important Swiss referenda on food and farming

While the Swiss Government has set high standards for the welfare of animals farmed in Switzerland, the hundreds of millions of animals fattened, transported and slaughtered abroad before entering the Swiss market don’t benefit from those same standards. This may change depending on the outcome of  two upcoming food referenda, whereby Swiss citizens will vote […]


WORLD ANIMAL PROTECTION: International Whaling Commission protects whales from ghost gear entanglement

After campaigning against lost and abandoned fish gear on marine life, World Animal Protection welcomes the adoption from the International Whaling Commission of a resolution that will protect whales from ghost gear entanglement. Lost and abandoned fishing gear (ghost gear) is the biggest threat to whales and other marine life. To tackle this problem World […]


ESSERE ANIMALI: New investigation exposes severe abuses on pigs destined for Parma Ham production

After we exposed systematic cruelties and unlawful practices in Parma Ham production last March, Essere Animali’s new investigation shows nothing has changed and severe abuses are still ongoing in farms where pigs destined for Parma Ham are bred. Our new Italian member organisation Essere Animali has released new appalling footage showing instances of brutal violence […]

Animal Protection Label, Dyrevernmerket, Dyrevernalliansen

NORWEGIAN ANIMAL PROTECTION ALLIANCE: Launching the first Animal Protection Label for food in Norway

The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance (Dyrevernalliansen) launches the first Animal Protection Label for food in Norway, dedicated to improve the lives of farm animals. Today the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance (Dyrevernalliansen) has launched the first Animal Protection Label for food, guaranteeing highest levels of welfare to farm animals. Participating farmers and companies have to sign […]

Primates, science, investigation, Biomedical Primate Research Centre

ANIMAL DEFENDERS INTERNATIONAL: Undercover video shows routine suffering of primates at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) in the Netherlands

Photo credits: ©Animal Defenders International Ahead of International Primate Day on 1 September, Animal Defenders International (ADI) has released video footage of the routine suffering primates at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, experience before the experiments even begin. With such suffering inevitable where primates are bred and used in research, […]

Blood Farms, PMSG, South America, Animal Welfare Foundation

ANIMAL WELFARE FOUNDATION AND TIERSCHUTZBUND ZÜRICH: CEVA and IDT Biologika will stop sourcing PMSG-eCG from blood farms where mares are still systematically tortured

Photos: © Animal Welfare Foundation   Freiburg-Zurich-Brussels, 29.8.2018: For about 35 years, blood has been taken from pregnant mares in Uruguay and Argentina to extract the hormone PMSG, also called eCG. The hormone is used in industrial animal breeding in Europe to stimulate and synchronize the oestrus of pigs, sheep and other farm animals to […]

Live export, Animals Australia

ANIMALS AUSTRALIA: Live export company Emanuel Exports loses its licence after deaths of 2,500 sheep

One of the world’s largest exporters of animals will no longer be able to operate. After battling the company for the past 15 years, Animals Australia welcomes the decision of the regulator to cancel permanently Emanuel Exports licence. The company has been responsible for shipping the majority of the 200 million sheep that have been sent […]

ONEKIND: New investigation and report “Fish welfare on Scotland’s salmon farms”

With support from Eurogroup for Animals, OneKind has published a report examining the welfare issues in Scotland’s salmon farming sector. The report looks at the life cycle, sentience and individuality in salmon before exploring in detail the many welfare issues faced by farmed salmon. On top of the disease and parasite problems affecting large portions […]


IPPOTHESIS, GREEK ANIMAL WELFARE FUND: Greek Government implements EU laws requiring identification of all equines

After campaigning for two years, Greek animal welfare organisations have finally achieved their goal: the implementation of the European Commission Regulations (EU) 2015/262, commonly known as the Equine Passport Regulation, by the Greek Government. So far existing Greek legislation was inadequate with respect to ensuring equine welfare standards. Without proper identification, horses, donkeys and mules […]


ANIMAL FRIENDS CROATIA: Campaign targeting Croatian citizens and retailers for better protection of fish

Together with Eurogroup for Animals, Friends of Animals Croatia has launched the campaign Respect Our Sea. With the aim to educate Croatian citizens, civil society and tourists about detrimental consequences of excessive fishing, our Croatian member warns about life in the sea completely disappearing by 2048 if we don’t change our behaviour towards living sea […]

SWISS ANIMAL PROTECTION: Speakers’ papers of the 11th Conference on Animal Testing are now available online

On 18 May 2018 the Swiss Animal Protection held its 11th meeting on animal testing. Main themes included a focus on the principles of the 3Rs (replace, reduce, refine the use of animals in research), looking in particular at alternative methods and the new national 3Rs Competence Centre (3RCC) founded in March of this year. […]

FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT: Brigitte Bardot, confident after her meeting with Emmanuel Macron

While the President of Fondation Brigitte Bardot did not fail to criticize the pro-hunting positions of the President of the French Republic and the outrageous position of his Minister of Agriculture, hostile to any measure favourable to animal welfare, the meeting that was held Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at the Elysee, seems to have raised […]


GAIA: Flemish government bans fur farming and force-feeding for foie gras

“Finally! After more than 20 years of campaigning we’ve achieved our goal: GAIA’s president Michel Vandenbosch is excited about the decision of the Flemish government to ban fur farming and force-feeding for the production of foie gras. The ban has been decided on the initiative of Flemish Minister of Animal Welfare Ben Weyts. Fur farms […]

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LNPA: Luxembourg adopts positive lists to regulate the exotic pet trade and the use of animals in circuses

On 6 June, Luxembourg has adopted a new Animal Welfare Act including Positive Lists for mammal and non-mammal pets and for animals used in circuses. The Positive Lists for pets detail the animal species that are allowed to be kept as pets in Luxembourg, limiting the range of allowed species to those assessed to be suitable […]

FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT: The French want bullfighting to end, shows new survey

In France bullfighting (‘corrida’) and cock fighting are by law acts of cruelty that are allowed under local exceptions where an uninterrupted tradition of this ‘entertainment’ can be proven. However, results just released of a survey carried out by the independent polling company IFOP for Fondation Brigitte Bardot show that a clear majority of people […]

Aland Wolf Culling

THE WOLF ACTION GROUP: Calling on the Provincial Government of Åland to stop the culling of wolves

During the course of the previous winter, wolves have wandered from continental Finland to the Åland islands. Wolf packs have tried to settle in the islands before, but they have always been shot. As there are many alternatives to protect people and domestic animals from any possible damage caused by wolves, the Finnish organisation Wolf […]


SLOBODA ZVIERAT: Slovakia bans wild animals in circuses and introduces mandatory microchipping for dogs

After years of campaigning and advocacy actions against circuses with animals, on 25 May 2018  the Slovak Parliament adopted a landmark amendment to the Veterinary Act introducing an ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, which prohibits both training and public performance of wild animals. Sloboda Zvierat has campaigned for this achievement for […]

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ANIMAL WELFARE FOUNDATION: Horsemeat from dark channels

Photo credits: © Animal Welfare Foundation A recent inspection report from European animal-welfare organisations about horsemeat production in Uruguay and Argentina shows serious animal-welfare violations. Already back in 2016, the European veterinary authority detected irregularities in EU-approved slaughterhouses in Uruguay, confirming the serious concerns expressed and documented by the organisation Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) for […]


GAIA: The ECJ confirms that ritual slaughter without stunning may take place only in approved slaughterhouses

Today GAIA welcomes the European Court of Justice’s ruling, confirming that ritual slaughter without stunning may take place only in approved slaughterhouses and that this obligation does not infringe freedom of religion. From 1998, Belgian legislation provided that slaughter prescribed by a religious rite could be carried out only in approved or temporary slaughterhouses. In 2014, the Minister […]


FBB, L214, LFDA, WELFARM: French NGOs call on the National Assembly to introduce mandatory CCTV in abattoirs

Fondation Brigitte Bardot, L214, La Fondation Droit Animal Ethique & Sciences, Welfarm and 9 other French NGOs have signed a joint letter to call on the National Assembly for the introduction of mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses and for a ban of battery-cage eggs by 2022. During the Presidential Campaign, French President Macron stated that CCTV […]


GAIA welcomes the announcement of an ambitious Animal Welfare Code in Wallonia, including a ban on battery caged hens

GAIA welcomes the ministers’ adoption of the draft decree of Minister Carlo Di Antonio (cdH) regarding the Walloon Code of Animal Welfare. “This new law is a significant leap forward for animal welfare in Wallonia, placing the region among the most progressive in Europe in terms of animal welfare,” declares GAIA’s president Michel Vandenbosch. “One […]


ADI welcomes the decision by DEFRA to refuse big cat circus trainer Thomas Chipperfield a licence

© Photo Credits: Animal Defenders International Animal Defenders International (ADI) has welcomed the decision by Defra (UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to refuse big cat circus trainer Thomas Chipperfield a licence to perform in England. ADI said Mr Chipperfield has been off the road for more than two years after withdrawing his first licence application when […]


Norway’s Dyrevernalliansen to contribute to Seafood Federation welfare project

Photo credits: Iselin Linstad Hauge Norway’s Dyrevernalliansen will contribute to an ambitious project aiming to improve animal welfare in the aquaculture industry, launched by the Norwegian Seafood Federation. The project aims to develop shared routines for best practice of measuring and reviewing animal welfare in the industry. Zoologist and scientific adviser Susanna Lybæk in Dyrevernalliansen […]


ANDA, FAADA, AAP Primadomus: Circus elephants truck accident shows that the use of wild animals in circuses is not only a major problem for animal welfare but also for the safety of EU citizens

On April 3rd a circus truck carrying five elephants from the Gottani Circus crashed in southeasterns Spain. One elephant was killed and two others were injured in the accident.   As expressed in a press release by InfoCircos (a coalition formed by, among others, the organisations AAP Primadomus, ANDA and FAADA), transporting elephants in a circus truck […]