EU Parliament and us

Secretariat of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals

As the leading animal welfare organisation in the EU, Eurogroup for Animals has been the secretariat for the Intergroup on Animal Welfare and Conservation of Animals since its inauguration.


The Intergroup brings together like-minded MEPs from all political groups to debate and learn about animal welfare issues, encouraging them to ensure that all EU legislation respects animals and their welfare.

The Intergroup provides updates and background information on the animal welfare issues being discussed within the Institutions, and raises awareness about key conservation issues. The monthly one-hour meetings, usually organised on Thursday mornings during the plenary sessions in Strasbourg, invite experts, stakeholders, rapporteurs and members of the European Commission and Member States to exchange views on topical animal welfare issues with MEP’s. Such in-depth debates are often difficult to organize in the European Parliament committees, which have to deal with a very large number of different dossiers.

Eurogroup for Animals ensures civil society plays an active role on such debates.

The President, Sirpa Pietikäinen