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President von der Leyen: deliver the animal welfare proposal!

The European Commission promised to publish a proposed revision of the EU’s animal welfare legislation this year.

But we’re reaching the end of the year with no sign of this desperately needed update.

The lives of billions of animals, and the wishes of millions of European citizens are being ignored.

Our message is clear. President Ursula von der Leyen: publish the proposal within the current political term to keep your promise!


Why does the animal welfare legislation need to be updated?

  • The existing legislation does not reflect the high welfare standards European citizens want to see for animals. 

  • The European Commission is obliged to deliver on the demands made by the successful European Citizens’ Initiatives End the Cage Age and Fur Free Europe.

  • The existing legislation does not reflect the latest science, and therefore cannot guarantee that the welfare needs of animals are being met in EU systems.

  • A delay to the publication of the new animal welfare legislation will cost European farmers and food businesses.




Animals and citizens have already been waiting for years. We urgently need stronger and more enforceable animal welfare laws.

Each day that passes is another one in which countless animals endure horrible suffering

The European Commission has the power to ensure there is #NoAnimalLeftBehind.

President von der Leyen: keep your promise and publish the proposal for the revised animal welfare legislation this political term!

No Animal Left Behind / Eurogroup for Animals

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