EU momentum building: Belgium to ban ivory trade

NGOs call on EU to close its ivory market Joint press release by Born Free Foundation, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Eurogroup for Animals, Environmental Investigation Agency, Franz Weber Foundation, Humane Society International/Europe, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Pro Wildlife, Robin des Bois, Wildlife Conservation Society Brussels (26 March 2019) – Last week Belgium’s House of Representatives […]

Zoo, monkey, zoo directive

Commission report urges Member States to improve animal welfare and conservation efforts of zoos

A European Commission evaluation report published last week concluded that the Council Directive 1999/22/EC (known as the “Zoo Directive”) fits for purpose and plays a crucial role with regard to conservation of biodiversity. The report also points out that a more effective and efficient application of the Directive’s requirements is needed to improve the welfare […]

African Lion

EC consultation meeting in preparation of the 70th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee: comments on submitted documents

Photo credits: Virtualwayfarer/Flickr On 3 September the European Commission held in Brussels a stakeholders’ consultation meeting in preparation of the coming CITES Standing Committee meeting (Sochi, 1-5 October). Eurogroup for Animals has participated commenting documents on the management of confiscated animals, trade in African lions’ parts and whaling activities in Japan. Read below a summary of […]

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Will the EU soon stop importing cruel kangaroo meat?

Eurogroup for Animals has sent on 24 May a letter to Trade Commissioner Malmström and Health and Food Safety Commissioner Andriukaitis regarding the imports of kangaroo meat from Australia into the EU. The letter highlights the cruel conditions in which those kangaroos are hunted and the health issues raised by the meat processing. The documentary […]