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Campaign success: “Friendship, Programme & Campaign” by Animal Action Greece

1.Title of organisation Animal Action Greece 2.Title of Campaign Friendship, Programme & Campaign 3.Timeframe Launched in 2012, ongoing 4. Summary a) Objective and activities of campaign Among the many problems brought on by the Greek debt crisis is a surging population of stray dogs and cats. The stray cat colonies in Athens is a massive […]


Campaign success: “Wild animals out of the tent!” by AAP – Animal Advocacy & Protection

Photo credit AAP/ Jean-Pierre Jans Campaign against wild animals circuses 1.Title of organisation Initiator and co-founder: AAP – Animal Advocacy and Protection. Co-founders: World Animal Protection (WAP), Four Paws, Stichting Dierenlot, Stichting Menodi. Campaign and Organization of the same name created by the co-founders: Wilde Dieren de Tent Uit! 2.Title of Campaign Wild animals out […]

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LNPA: Luxembourg adopts positive lists to regulate the exotic pet trade and the use of animals in circuses

On 6 June, Luxembourg has adopted a new Animal Welfare Act including Positive Lists for mammal and non-mammal pets and for animals used in circuses. The Positive Lists for pets detail the animal species that are allowed to be kept as pets in Luxembourg, limiting the range of allowed species to those assessed to be suitable […]

FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT: The French want bullfighting to end, shows new survey

In France bullfighting (‘corrida’) and cock fighting are by law acts of cruelty that are allowed under local exceptions where an uninterrupted tradition of this ‘entertainment’ can be proven. However, results just released of a survey carried out by the independent polling company IFOP for Fondation Brigitte Bardot show that a clear majority of people […]

Aland Wolf Culling

THE WOLF ACTION GROUP: Calling on the Provincial Government of Åland to stop the culling of wolves

During the course of the previous winter, wolves have wandered from continental Finland to the Åland islands. Wolf packs have tried to settle in the islands before, but they have always been shot. As there are many alternatives to protect people and domestic animals from any possible damage caused by wolves, the Finnish organisation Wolf […]


SLOBODA ZVIERAT: Slovakia bans wild animals in circuses and introduces mandatory microchipping for dogs

After years of campaigning and advocacy actions against circuses with animals, on 25 May 2018  the Slovak Parliament adopted a landmark amendment to the Veterinary Act introducing an ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, which prohibits both training and public performance of wild animals. Sloboda Zvierat has campaigned for this achievement for […]

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ANIMAL WELFARE FOUNDATION: Horsemeat from dark channels

Photo credits: © Animal Welfare Foundation A recent inspection report from European animal-welfare organisations about horsemeat production in Uruguay and Argentina shows serious animal-welfare violations. Already back in 2016, the European veterinary authority detected irregularities in EU-approved slaughterhouses in Uruguay, confirming the serious concerns expressed and documented by the organisation Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) for […]


GAIA: The ECJ confirms that ritual slaughter without stunning may take place only in approved slaughterhouses

Today GAIA welcomes the European Court of Justice’s ruling, confirming that ritual slaughter without stunning may take place only in approved slaughterhouses and that this obligation does not infringe freedom of religion. From 1998, Belgian legislation provided that slaughter prescribed by a religious rite could be carried out only in approved or temporary slaughterhouses. In 2014, the Minister […]


FBB, L214, LFDA, WELFARM: French NGOs call on the National Assembly to introduce mandatory CCTV in abattoirs

Fondation Brigitte Bardot, L214, La Fondation Droit Animal Ethique & Sciences, Welfarm and 9 other French NGOs have signed a joint letter to call on the National Assembly for the introduction of mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses and for a ban of battery-cage eggs by 2022. During the Presidential Campaign, French President Macron stated that CCTV […]


GAIA welcomes the announcement of an ambitious Animal Welfare Code in Wallonia, including a ban on battery caged hens

GAIA welcomes the ministers’ adoption of the draft decree of Minister Carlo Di Antonio (cdH) regarding the Walloon Code of Animal Welfare. “This new law is a significant leap forward for animal welfare in Wallonia, placing the region among the most progressive in Europe in terms of animal welfare,” declares GAIA’s president Michel Vandenbosch. “One […]


ADI welcomes the decision by DEFRA to refuse big cat circus trainer Thomas Chipperfield a licence

© Photo Credits: Animal Defenders International Animal Defenders International (ADI) has welcomed the decision by Defra (UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to refuse big cat circus trainer Thomas Chipperfield a licence to perform in England. ADI said Mr Chipperfield has been off the road for more than two years after withdrawing his first licence application when […]


Norway’s Dyrevernalliansen to contribute to Seafood Federation welfare project

Photo credits: Iselin Linstad Hauge Norway’s Dyrevernalliansen will contribute to an ambitious project aiming to improve animal welfare in the aquaculture industry, launched by the Norwegian Seafood Federation. The project aims to develop shared routines for best practice of measuring and reviewing animal welfare in the industry. Zoologist and scientific adviser Susanna Lybæk in Dyrevernalliansen […]


ANDA, FAADA, AAP Primadomus: Circus elephants truck accident shows that the use of wild animals in circuses is not only a major problem for animal welfare but also for the safety of EU citizens

On April 3rd a circus truck carrying five elephants from the Gottani Circus crashed in southeasterns Spain. One elephant was killed and two others were injured in the accident.   As expressed in a press release by InfoCircos (a coalition formed by, among others, the organisations AAP Primadomus, ANDA and FAADA), transporting elephants in a circus truck […]


ANDA: Egg brand guarantees “highest levels” of animal welfare

On 9 February ANDA (Asociación Nacional para la Defensa de los Animales) and AVIALTER (Asociación Profesional de la Avicultura Alternativa) have presented the ANDA egg brand, which promises to guarantee the highest levels of animal welfare, as well as environmental sustainability, while supporting small and medium-scale farmers. It is the first time that in Spain […]


Norway’s Dyrevernalliansen: 15 million chickens a year will have a better life

Thanks to a co-operation between the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance (Dyrevernalliansen) and Rema 1000 (one of three supermarket chains that govern the Norwegian retail market), 15 million chickens a year will have a better life. The welfare is improved through the use of a healthier breed (Hubbard JA787), and better chicken housing conditions. Read more


Vier Pfoten: Save The Date – 24 April, 1st International Animal Welfare Summit

Is animal welfare an appropriate concern in times of socio-political change and of social, economic and technological upheaval? The 1 st International Animal Welfare Summit  will take place in Vienna on 24 April 2018. It will act as a platform for the critical issues raised by the overarching theme “Animal Welfare – A necessity for human […]


Djurens Rätt: Important achievements, but further progress is needed on the new Swedish Animal Welfare Act

Photo: Norway’s Animal Protection and Network for Animal Freedom On 11 January, the Swedish Government decided on a proposal for an updated and modernised Animal Welfare Act which will then be forwarded to the Council on Legislation. Djurens Rätt welcomes the positive amendments that concern abandoned cats, elephants and sea lions at circuses and that […]


ANDA, AVATMA, FAADA: Spanish Agriculture Ministry takes first steps to end pig tail docking

Photo: ©Igualdad Animal Eurogroup for Animals’ members ANDA, AVATMA and FAADA applaud the decision of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) for its guidelines on how pig farms should be managed in order to avoid tail docking. This is a result of the pressure exerted by the End Pig Pain […]

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The Wolf Action Group: Wolf’s significance as a cause of death for hunting dogs is minor

Every year there is news about hunting dogs being killed by wolves. On the basis of the reports it´s easy to be misinformed of the real threats encountered by hunting dogs. In Finland, as well as in Sweden dogs are used in hunting. This article is based on a Swedish insurance company Agria’s statistic data […]


World Horse Welfare 2017 Annual Conference – Celebrating 90 years

On 30th November, World Horse Welfare held is Annual Conference ‘Invisible Horses of the Future’ in the beautiful premises of the Royal Geographical Society in London. In this occasion, World Horse Welfare welcomed a record number of attendees and Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal, the President of the organisation. All gathered together to discuss […]


LAV: ITALY adopts a legislation prescribing a phase out of animals in circuses and travelling exhibitions

On 8 November the Italian Parliament adopted a legislation prescribing the phase-out of circuses and travelling exhibitions with animals following a 2016 draft bill of the Government. The legislation delegates to a subsequent Ministerial decree the elaboration of the timeline and specific measures to be undertaken to implement the law. The decree is due to […]

Wolf Action Group

The Wolf Action Group: LUSH Finland to support the #GREYPRIDE campaign

LUSH Finland has just announced their support to wolf conservation and The Wolf Action Group’s #GREYPRIDE campaign by donating all their sales from the Charity Pot body lotion sales in Finland during November and December. The European awareness campaign #GREYPRIDE of The Wolf Action Group strives to promote the peaceful coexistence between wolves and humans. Even though Finland promotes itself as a destination […]


L214: Giant catering Newrest to stop supplying eggs of hens raised in cages

The catering giant Newrest, specialised in rail and air catering, has just pledged worldwide no longer to stock eggs of hens raised in cages. This transition will be completed globally by 2025. Newrest, present in 50 countries, serves one million meals a day around the world and becomes the first air caterer to engage in […]

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Djurens Rätt: 58 000 calls on the Swedish Board of Agriculture to withdraw proposals for piglets

Today at 14.00, Animal Rights, together with a number of other animal rights and animal welfare organizations, visit the Swedish Agriculture Agency with a name list of over 58,000 names. The purpose of the meeting and the collection of names is to try to stop a proposal for new and amended animal welfare regulations, which includes […]

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Animal Defenders International: The show sadly goes on for ex-Ringling big cats in Europe.

Former Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus big cat trainer Alexander Lacey is back perfoming in Europe following his controversial departure from the US last month. Footage released today by Animal Defenders International shows the British-born trainer with his lions and tigers at the “Grande Fête Lilloise du Cirque” as the event opened in Lille, France over […]


Campaign success: “Friendship, Programme & Campaign” by Animal Action Greece

1.Title of organisation Animal Action Greece 2.Title of Campaign Friendship, Programme & Campaign 3.Timeframe Launched in 2012, ongoing 4. Summary a) Objective and activities of campaign Among the many problems brought on by the Greek debt crisis is a surging population of stray dogs and cats. The stray cat colonies in Athens is a massive […]


SEY celebrating animals’ week for wild animal welfare

Each October SEY celebrates animals’ week. SEY has started this tradition already in 1959. This year the campaign was about wild animal welfare. See: www.luonnonelaimet.fi. Part of this campaign is to produce materials for teachers to use in schools. This year teachers have delivered SEY’s printed material already for 140 000 pupils. You can take a look […]


Animal Defenders International: Horrific video shows fox cubs being raised in cramped cages on a fur farm

Copywright ADI Shocking footage shows arctic foxes being raised from cubs in cramped cages before they are electrocuted to death at seven-months-old for the fur trade. Over 110,000,000 animals are killed on fur farms every year according to Animal Defenders International (ADI), an animal protection charity. The organisation placed hidden cameras on a Polish fur farm to give […]

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OneKind welcomes unanimous vote in support of ban on wild animals in circuses in Scotland

OneKind, Scotland’s animal campaigns charity, has welcomed today’s Stage 1 vote in support of the General Principles of the Bill, which will see the use of wild animals in travelling circuses banned in Scotland. The Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses (Scotland) Bill was proposed by Cabinet Secretary Roseanna Cunningham MSP, who said in her opening […]


Animal Welfare Foundation: EU Commission allows the trade in mare blood to continue unregulated

In 2013, the US pharmaceutical giant Merck (MSD) decided to shift the production of the hormone Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG) from the Netherlands to South America. PMSG is extracted from the blood of pregnant mares. At the beginning of 2017, MSD ceased importing from South America. Reports of the German NGO Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) […]

Estonian ban animal circuses

LOOMUS – Greatest victory in the history of Estonian animal protection: Estonia banned wild animal circuses!

The bill that bans the use of wild animals in circuses passed the third – and also the last – reading at the Riigikogu, the parliament of Estonia. NGO animal advocacy organization Loomus and animal rights movement Loomade Nimel thank all politicians who voted for the bill, ministry of rural affarirs, the rural affairs committee […]


CIWF: STOPTHEMACHINE message reaches the European Parliament

Last week, 5th – 8th September, Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) showcased its immersive STOPTHEMACHINE exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels. Hosted by MEP Anja Hazekamp, this event gave CIWF the opportunity to spread the important message to European decision makers and open their eyes to the shocking truth about intensive animal farming. The […]

Future Farm Lab

CIWF: Interview with Future Farm Lab – Rebuilding the food system

What’s the future of meat production? As consumers are increasingly concerned about animal welfare and sustainability in food production systems, new opportunities are coming up for exploitation of new solutions that are emerging in an attempt to address these challenges.   Future Farm Lab is a collective rebuilding the food system by putting farmers back […]

LFDA, exhibition, paris

La Fondation Droit Animal, Ethique et Sciences (LFDA): high-level exhibition in Paris to celebrate its 40th Anniversary

To celebrate its 40 years of existence, La Fondation Droit Animal, Ethique et Sciences (LFDA) organises from 28 August to 2 September an exhibition about “Animals today: what do we know of them”. The aim of this exhibition is to provide the public with keys and benchmarks to better understand the subjects related to animals […]

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On May 16th AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection rescued two lions from the first Spanish circus to voluntarily stop performances with wild animals and commit to not resuming that activity in the future. The decision of the circus has been motivated by the progress booked in Spain by AAP, its partners in the coalition InfoCircos […]

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Wallonia takes an historic step towards a ban on slaughter without stunning

Michel Vandenbosch: Ladies and gentlemen, GAIA says “Bravo” and “Thank you on behalf of the animals!” The ritual slaughter of animals without prior stunning will finally be well and truly banned in Wallonia. Walloon deputies on the Region’s Environment Committee approved this morning a proposal for a decree aiming to end this practice in the […]

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Rescue Centres And Animal Shelters Raise Their Voice Against The Booming Exotic Pet Trade In Europe

The problems generated by the exploding exotic pet trade throughout Europe are reaching a tipping point. Rescue centres and sanctuaries simply cannot keep up with the amount of animals in need of help. In Germany, 30 rescue facilities have joined their voices in a letter to the Agriculture Minister, competent for the regulation of the […]