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Today’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is not delivering toward its objective of "promoting animal welfare". This encourages the intensification of animal production and leads to the use of increasingly productive breeds in systems where animals are confined with reduced or no access to pasture.

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The CAP has been successful in sustaining European agriculture, but has, along with global trends and competition within the agricultural market, encouraged the intensification of animal production, at the expensive of animal welfare. This negative impact on animals has led to an increasing use of production systems where animals are confined to unnatural spaces with reduced or no access to green pasture. Despite the fact that there are five measures within the CAP that could be used to improve animal welfare, it still very ineffective. To find out more read our Position Paper here


Eurogroup for Animals is calling on organisations and citizens to send a strong message to the EU to improve animal welfare in the CAP.  Take part in the Commission public consultation, open until Tuesday 2 May 2017. This is your chance to directly voice your concerns and make yourself heard!

How to take action?

If you are an organisation, please find our recommendations to answer the public consultation below:


- If you are a citizen, please use the following instructions to answer the public consultation:

 The consultation questionnaire consists of multiple choice questions and open questions. Please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the public consultation website and complete section A. ABOUT YOU
  • Step 2: Go to section D. AGRICULTURE, RURAL AREAS AND THE CAP TOMORROW and answer question 23 by selecting the following options:
    • Environmental and climate standards
    • Animal and plant health standards
    • Animal welfare standards
  • Step 3: Go to section E. WRAP UP: MODERNISATION AND SIMPLIFICATION and answer question 34 by uploading the document you can find here.
  • Step 4: Click SUBMIT


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