IPPOTHESIS, GREEK ANIMAL WELFARE FUND: Greek Government implements EU laws requiring identification of all equines

After campaigning for two years, Greek animal welfare organisations have finally achieved their goal: the implementation of the European Commission Regulations (EU) 2015/262, commonly known as the Equine Passport Regulation, by the Greek Government. So far existing Greek legislation was inadequate with respect to ensuring equine welfare standards. Without proper identification, horses, donkeys and mules […]


ANIMAL FRIENDS CROATIA: Campaign targeting Croatian citizens and retailers for better protection of fish

Together with Eurogroup for Animals, Friends of Animals Croatia has launched the campaign Respect Our Sea. With the aim to educate Croatian citizens, civil society and tourists about detrimental consequences of excessive fishing, our Croatian member warns about life in the sea completely disappearing by 2048 if we don’t change our behaviour towards living sea […]

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DSPCA: Pet Festival and visit to the shelter

Our companion animals programme officer travelled to Dublin on the 16th of June to attend the DSPCA Pet festival. This festival is only one of the many event organized by DSPCA with the aim of promoting adoptions from their shelter and responsible pet ownership to the families and communities living in Dublin. The 2018 Pet […]