Bad deal for animals: European Parliament approves CETA

A Missed Opportunity: Throughout CETA negotiations, Eurogroup for Animals has advocated for effective animal welfare provisions which seemed within reach, given Canada’s ideological and cultural similarity with the EU. However, the opportunity was missed, leaving animals worse off after today’s approval of the CETA agreement by the European Parliament (408 votes in favour, 254 against, 33 abstentions). Reineke […]


New investigations show more EU-consumed horsemeat imports from torturous production overseas

@copyrights photo TSB New EU regulation for imported meat prolongs the suffering of horses  International animal welfare coalition calls for an import ban. Brussels, 14 February 2017. A coalition of European, North and South American animal welfare organisations calls for a ban on horsemeat imports into the EU and Switzerland from overseas. The coalition includes […]


ANIMAL PROTECTION AGENCY – Improvements to pet selling regulations welcomed but exotics must not be left out in the cold

Plans announced by the Government for new regulations governing pet selling have been broadly welcomed by the Animal Protection Agency (APA) – an organisation that works to protect exotic pets. However, APA is calling for certain protections to be extended to all pets including non-domesticated or exotic animals.  Yesterday, the Department for Environment, Food & […]


European Parliament study damns hiatus in EU animal welfare law. Large gaps leave 35% of EU animals unprotected.

Science on animal welfare progresses every day. Yet, we have seen progress on EU animal welfare policies and legislation stagnating, leaving aside science and the benefits it brings to animals and humans. A new European Parliament report demonstrates once more that this stagnation has major negative effects for animals, impairs the confidence in the EU’s functioning and […]


Animal Welfare Platform is a great opportunity to advance animal welfare

The EU’s primary network of animal protection organisations, Eurogroup for Animals*, has today welcomed the European Commission’s decision to establish an Animal Welfare Platform. Eurogroup for Animals worked closely with those Member States who called for its establishment, namely Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands in 2015, and believes that the final decision will help […]


Rabbits offered hope for minimum protection standards thanks to today’s European Parliament’s AGRI vote

Today, the EP Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development has overwhelmingly supported the own initiative report by Stefan Eck MEP (GUE/NGL, DE) on minimum standards for the protection of farmed rabbits. The adopted report calls on the European Commission to draw up a road map towards financially sustainable minimum standards for the protection of farm rabbits, which should […]

FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT – Brigitte Bardot Joins European Animal Groups To Urge Air France To Stop Transporting Monkeys For Research

Brigitte Bardot has joined the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), a coalition of leading animal protection organisations from across Europe, in calling on Air France to end its involvement in the cruel trade of monkeys for research. The former model, singer and actress who set up the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the welfare […]