“‘A Dog’s Life’ – The strays of Sarajevo” New docu-film to prompt European leadership on humane treatment of stray animals

Photo Credit : Maria Slough, mariasloughphotography.com At the Brussels premiere of ‘A Dog’s Life’ in the European Parliament, viewers were exposed to the inhumane conditions that hundreds of dogs have to endure behind the closed door of shelters in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Taking to the streets with Bosnian-born Milena Malesevic, who has rescued since 2006 […]


Djurens Rätt: Important achievements, but further progress is needed on the new Swedish Animal Welfare Act

Photo: Norway’s Animal Protection and Network for Animal Freedom On 11 January, the Swedish Government decided on a proposal for an updated and modernised Animal Welfare Act which will then be forwarded to the Council on Legislation. Djurens Rätt welcomes the positive amendments that concern abandoned cats, elephants and sea lions at circuses and that […]


A Dog’s Life – The Strays of Sarajevo

On Tuesday 30 January, Actor and Producer Peter Egan (Downton Abbey), together with Film Director Maria Slough, will present the short docufilm ‘A Dog’s Life – The Strays of Sarajevo’ at the European Parliament in Brussels (19h – 21h30). The film is the first of a series of documentaries uncovering the plight of dogs in […]