Pig castration

Pig welfare crisis continues: European Declaration on alternatives to painful surgical castration fails to deliver

(Image credits: Compassion in World Farming) The European Declaration on alternatives to the surgical castration of pigs (aka the Brussels Declaration)[1] officially ended on 1 January 2018 and the compte rendu is discouraging for animal welfare. The Declaration was a voluntary agreement signed in 2010 by 33 stakeholders from the whole pork chain (including scientists, […]


NGOs demand a ban on EU ivory trade

NGOs demand a ban on EU ivory trade Why closure of ivory markets in Europe is needed. Joint press release by Born Free Foundation, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Eurogroup for Animals, Environmental Investigation Agency, Humane Society International/Europe, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Pro Wildlife, Robin des Bois, Wildlife Conservation Society Brussels, 13th December 2017 – […]


Open letter to national Agricultural Ministers on the CAP – Agricultural and Fisheries Council meeting (11-12 Dec)

We need a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that rewards a new set of animal welfare and environmental provisions, harnessing them to power a food system that delivers the food security of tomorrow. This is the message from Eurogroup for Animals to national Agriculture Ministers ahead of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council on 11-12 December 2017 […]


Commission new CAP vision favours perpetuation of status quo over sustainability and animal welfare

This week the European Commission published its Communication Paper on the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) post 2020 – ‘The Future of Food and Farming’[1]. Despite the Commission’s public commitments to make the CAP more sustainable and ‘future proof’, this Paper fails to address the unsustainability of Europe’s current agricultural business model with 8.6 billion animals […]


Commission report misses opportunity to show welfare impact, if any, of EU Broiler Directive

The European Commission recently published a study on the implementation status of the EU Broiler Directive (2007/43/EC). With this study, the Commission takes a first step towards its obligation under the  Directive [1] to submit a report to the European Parliament and Council concerning the law’s application and influence on chicken welfare. Reineke Hameleers, Director […]


New documentary sheds light on shocking reality of live animal transport in Europe and beyond

The German public service television broadcaster ZDF has released a shocking documentary on the transport of live animals in Europe and beyond. [1] This new documentary confirms once more the brutal reality behind live transport and the continuous breaches of European animal welfare law and international agreements [2]. The evidence presented by ZDF demonstrates once […]