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EU-Japan Trade Agreement is a fact, despite weak provisions on animal welfare

Photo credits: © Greenpeace / Kate Davison The European Parliament has finally given its consent to the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (JEEPA), which unfortunately is a missed opportunity to advance the protection of animals. In addition, the enforcement mechanisms available to ensure the agreement’s cooperation mechanisms deliver impact remain desperately weak. Japan is the fifth […]


Rearing pigs with intact tails in the EU: progress remains slow, but Commission increases pressure on member states

Photo credits: © Dyrevernalliansen The first meeting at DG SANTE of the pig welfare sub-group of the European Platform on Animal Welfare took place on 26 November in GRANGE (Directorate F). The meeting was followed on 27-28 November by a full program of updates and workshops, involving Member States and invited stakeholders, dedicated to the […]

The true cost of poor farm animal welfare: tons of animal feed contaminated with antimicrobial resistance genes

Photo credits: Djurens Rätt The contamination of several thousands of tons of animal feed with a genetically-modified vitamin causing antimicrobial resistance is yet another evidence of the risks factory farming poses to animal and human health. The intensive livestock sector’s overreliance on feed supplements to ensure the survival of animals kept in conditions unnatural to […]

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WELFARM and ANIMAL WELFARE FOUNDATION: New investigation on the transport of unweaned calves shows violation of EU law

Photo credits: WELFARM / Animal Welfare Foundation  WELFARM and Animal Welfare Foundation released a new investigation showing massive violations of the EU transport regulation. By following a truck loaded with 155 young calves transported from Poland to the Franco-German border, investigators found that the animals were kept in the truck for 20 hours, with no […]

The European Commission supports the production of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy

In a special report on the development of plant proteins in the European Union, the European Commission recognizes that plant-based alternatives are gaining popularity in Europe. In addition to providing details on the promising market share for meat and dairy alternatives, the report lists a set of recommendations and funding opportunities available to producers to […]