Removing the Blinkers – Equine Conference October 2015

The 21st October 2015 was a landmark day for equine welfare in Europe, with the first EU level conference on the welfare of horses, donkeys and mules. The conference, which was hosted by Julie Girling MEP along with Eurogroup for Animals and the European Horse Network, built on the conclusions of the ground-breaking report ‘Removing the Blinkers: The health and welfare of  European equidae […]


Major new report: What’s behind fashion? Animal welfare and the European fur trade will be launched at 13.00 on 15 October 2015 in the European Parliament

The European fur industry, and especially the Nordic fur industry, markets itself as a responsible business concerned about ethics. This report takes a closer look at animal welfare in fur farms and the marketing tactics of the European fur industry, with a special focus on the Nordic countries. This new report explains the real animal […]


Invitation to European Parliament Conference on Equine Welfare 21st October 2015 – 14:00-17:00 – European Parliament After

After the publication in June this year of the ground-breaking report Removing the Blinkers: The health and welfare of European equidae in 2015, which investigates the state of play for the EU equidae population, MEP Julie Girling is proud to host the first ever European Parliament conference on the welfare of EU horses, donkeys and […]